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Evil (101-112)

There is no evil without some good in it.
— Russian

There is not the thickness of a sixpence
between good and evil.
— English

There is no evil without good.
— Russian

Thistles and thorns prick sore,
but evil tongues prick more.
— Dutch

To walk in the path of virtue for ten years is not enough;
to do evil for a single day is too much.
— Chinese

To learn what is good, a thousand days are not sufficient;
to learn what is evil, an hour is too long.
— Chinese

To do nothing teaches to do evil.
— Dutch

Tomorrow's remedy will not ward off the evil of today.
— Spanish

Towers are measured by their shadows,
great men by those who speak evil of them.
— Chinese

Where old age is evil, youth can learn no good.
— English

Who does not punish evil, invites it.
— German

Wine is the key of all evil.
— African (Morocco)