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Evil (076-100)

Of two evils choose the least.
— English

Of evil life comes evil end.
— English

Of evil grain no good seed can come.
— English

One cannot see the evil deeds
of one's own children.
— Japanese

Out of a great evil often comes a great good.
— Italian

Peace is not sold for evil.
— African (Ovambo)

Pity the man who does evil
and who is poor notwithstanding.
— Irish

Set good against evil.
— English

Shun evil company.
— Irish

Stagnant water has an evil smell.
— Greek

The evil is soon done;
the sore is aching long.
— Finnish

The love of unearned money
is the root of all evil.
— American

The leopard's skin is beautiful,
but his heart evil.
— Ugandan

The Lord created two desires,
one for good and one for evil.
— Hebrew

The mouth is the gate of misfortune and evil.
— Japanese

The end of our good begins our evil.
— English

The heart of an evil person is never pure.
— Ugandan

The last evil smarts most.
— English

The evil wound is cured, but not the evil name.
— English

The evil done in the gloom of night
will appear disclosed in the light of day.
— Mexican

The king regards rebels with an evil eye.
— African (Yoruba)

The best wisdom is ignorance of evil.
— Welsh

The door to evil-doing is wide,
but the return gate is narrow.
— Yiddish

The effects of an evil act are long felt.
— Irish

The evil weed produces the largest number of seeds.
— Maltese