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Empty (076-088)

The full stomach does not understand the empty one.
— Irish

The empty house is the wasp's estate.
— Indian (Hindustani)

The bell is loud because it is empty.
— Polish

The empty wagon must make room for the full one.
— German

The rusty sword and empty purse
plead performance of covenants.
— English

The full teapot makes no sound;
the half-empty teapot is very noisy.
— Chinese

There is no market for empty purses.
— Russian

There is plenty of sound in an empty barrel.
— Russian

There is no wrongdoing in an empty house.
— Hawaiian

Who guards two termite hills, returns empty handed.
— Ugandan

Wine and wenches empty men's purses.
— English

Words are empty, but the writing brush leaves traces.
— Chinese

You think of water when the well is empty.
— Ethiopian