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Empty (051-075)

Full bowls make empty brains
— English

Good bargains empty the purse.
— Italian

He who gives fair words feeds you with an empty spoon.
— English

If your fields are not ploughed,
your store house will be empty.
— Chinese

If your pocket gets empty,
your faults will be many.
— African (Libya)

If you go to sleep with an empty stomach,
you will count the beams on the ceiling.
— Yiddish

If the head be left empty, it is not well.
— Turkish

If a bamboo tube sounds loudly, it is empty.
— Filipino

If the hands are empty the mouth is empty.
— Japanese

It is the petty expenses that empty the purse.
— Italian

It is hard to catch birds with an empty hand.
— German

It is hard to labor with an empty belly.
— Danish

It is bad marketing with empty pockets.
— Dutch

It's hard to catch hawks with empty hands.
— Dutch

Love ends when the can is empty.
— Icelandic

New churches and new taverns are seldom empty.
— German

On an empty belly every burden is heavy.
— Russian

One day's stay does not empty a granary.
— African (Shona)

Prayer or no prayer, you can't eat out of an empty bowl.
— Slovak

That is but an empty purse that is full of other men's money.
— English

The priest and the cock sing on an empty stomach.
— Russian

The hunter that speaks too much, goes home empty handed.
— Ugandan

The full sow knows not the squeak of the empty one.
— Welsh

The ocean cannot be emptied with a can.
— Yiddish

The heaviest burden is an empty pocket.
— Yiddish