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Dead (026-050)

Better live a beggar than a dead king.
— Chinese

Blow not on dead embers.
— Irish

Counting absent goats means counting even dead ones.
— African (Shona)

Dead men don't talk.
— American

Dead dogs don't bite.
— Dutch

Dead mice feel no cold.
— English

Dead tree does not yield dew.
— African (Jabo)

Dead hogs have no fear of hot water.
— Jamaican

Do not measure the wolf’s tail till he be dead.
— Serbo-Croatian

Dogs do not bark at a dead wolf.
— Rumanian

Don't bear a grudge against the dead.
— Japanese

Don't sell the bearskin before the bear is dead.
— Dutch

Early wed, early dead.
— English

Earth in the mouth of the dead,
and rice in the mouth of the living.
— Indian (Tamil)

Flies will tickle lions being dead.
— English

Grief for a dead wife lasts to the door.
— Italian

He who waits for a dead man's shoes
is in danger of going barefoot.
— French

He that has lost his credit is dead to the world.
— English

He who marries a widow will often have
a dead man's head thrown in his dish.
— English

He that died half a year ago is as dead as Adam.
— English

If you do not support your parents while alive,
it is of no use to sacrifice to them when dead.
— Chinese

If you’re not dead, you still have a chance for success.
— Lebanese

If trust is dead, ill payment killed it.
— English

It is as easy to win an argument with a fool,
as to put a halter on a dead horse.
— English

It is no time to go for the doctor
when the patient is dead.
— Irish