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Dead (001-025)

A living bishop is worth a hundred dead saints any time.
— American

A dead bee will make no honey.
— English

A dead body has its coffin, and a live man his hut.
— Russian

A dead goat does not fear the knife.
— African (Ga)

A wet hand will hold a dead herring.
— English

A sharpened knife will not butcher a dead cow.
— African (Fulani)

A miser is like a sow, useful only when dead.
— Czech

A dead man does not make war.
— Italian

A dead man's will is the mirror of his life.
— Polish

A grudge is not held against a dead person.
— African (Zulu)

A dead person has no mouth.
— Japanese

A dead man pays no debts.
— Serbo-Croatian

A dead man has neither relations nor friends.
— French

A dead man does not speak.
— Portuguese

A cemetery never refuses a dead man.
— Lebanese

A centipede though dead will not fall.
— Japanese

A tiger leaves its skin when dead,
but men live by their fame instead.
— Malaysian

A hide that is stretched is a dead one.
— Indian (Hindi)

A living dog is better than a dead lion.
— English

Alive, we live in the same house or under the same roof.
Dead, we rest in the same tomb.
— Malagasy

All brides are beautiful; all the dead are pious.
— Yiddish

As long as the language lives the nation is not dead.
— Czech

As the grass cannot grow in the sky, so the dead
cannot look out of the grave into the road.
— African (Yoruba)

Better a living dog than a dead lion.
— German

Better red than dead.
— American