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Dance (026-050)

Knowledge makes one laugh,
but wealth makes one dance.
— English

Leave alone a dance you are unable to perform.
— Cameroonian

Lentils without onions are like a dance without music.
— Greek

Love teaches asses to dance.
— French

Money makes dogs dance.
— French

More belongs to dancing than a pair of fine shoes.
— Icelandic

Necessity teaches even the lame to dance.
— German

Necessity skips, necessity dances,
necessity sings songs.
— Russian

No longer pipe, no longer dance.
— English

Not every one that dances is glad.
— French

Sense is required for business, music for dancing.
— Finnish

The poor must dance as the rich pipe.
— German

The mosque is no place to dance.
— Iranian

The bear dances, but the gypsy takes the money.
— Russian

The bear doesn't dance for his own pleasure.
— Rumanian

The dance is good when the music is good.
— Filipino

The willing dancer is easily played to.
— Hungarian

They love dancing well that dance among the thorns.
— English

They who dance are thought mad
by those who hear not the music.
— English

When the crane attempts to dance
with the horse it gets broken bones.
— Danish

When the lights go out, the mice begin to dance.
— Yiddish

When you go to dance, take heed
whom you take by the hand.
— Danish

When nuns dance the devil does not weep.
— Rumanian

When a donkey is well off he goes dancing on ice.
— Czech

Who does not love to dance, does not love to sing.
— Cameroonian