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Dance (001-025)

A pair of light shoes is not all that is needed for dancing.
— Danish

A fool can dance without a fiddle.
— English

A full belly sets a man dancing.
— French

A bear which is not tied up won't dance.
— Russian

A drunken man may soon be made to dance.
— Danish

All are not merry that dance.
— English

An old man will not dance to make laughter.
— African (Fulani)

An old monkey does not learn dancing.
— African (Morocco)

As you began the dance you may pay the piper.
— Dutch

Dance alone and you can jump all you wish.
— Greek

Even without drumbeats, banana leaves dance.
— Cameroonian

He who dances well goes from wedding to wedding.
— Spanish

He that lives in hope, dances without music.
— English

He who claps his hands for the fool
to dance is no better than the fool.
— African (Yoruba)

He dances well to whom fortune pipes.
— English

If the bride can't dance, finds fault with the musicians.
— Yiddish

If you have money, you can make even a cat dance.
— Filipino

If you dance at every wedding,
you'll weep at every funeral.
— Yiddish

If the music changes so does the dance.
— African (Hausa)

If you carry the egg basket do not dance.
— Cameroonian

In the fiddler's house every one is a dancer.
— French

It is no child's play when an old woman dances.
— Danish

It does not become the sparrow
to mix in the dance of the cranes.
— Danish

It was surely the devil that taught women
to dance and asses to bray.
— English

It's good dancing on another man's floor.
— Dutch