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Aging (34)

Age makes many a man whiter, but not better.
— Danish

Age brings experience, and a good mind wisdom.
— Greek

Age and wedlock bring a man to his nightcap.
— English

Age must have allowance.
— American

Age and wedlock tame man and beast.
— English

Age and wedlock we all desire and repent of.
— English

Age is a sorry travelling companion.
— Danish

Age does not give sense, it only makes one go slowly.
— Finnish

Age breeds aches.
— English

Age gives good advice when it is no
longer able to give a bad example.
— American

Age's virtues are dearly bought.
— Swedish

Aged trees cannot be bent.
— Japanese

An aging man gets closer to his land a
nd an aging husband closer to his wife.
— Ghanaian

An old man is a child for a long time.
— Icelandic

Even a friend can not rescue one from old age.
— Kenyan

I have to learn how to walk on three legs s
ays the hyena for when I am old.
— Ugandan

In old age one again becomes a child.
— Japanese

Lost years are worse than lost dollars.
— Yiddish

Old age is a hundred disorders.
— Welsh

Old and true love never rusts.
— Hebrew

Old age is ripeness.
— American

Old age is not a blessing.
— Russian

Old and tough, young and tender.
— English

Old age and poverty are wounds
that can't be healed.
— Greek

Old age does not announce itself.
— African (Zulu)

Old age will not come alone.
— Welsh

Old age is sickness enough of itself.
— English

The old woman's meat is vegetables.
— Ghanaian

The older one grows,
the more one learns.
— Dutch

The older the wiser.
— English

The old woman looks after her hens
and the hens look after the old woman.
— Ghanaian

There is no medicine against old age.
— Ghanaian

Those who do not listen to the voice
of the elderly are like trees without roots.
— Nigerian

When your beard appears,
childhood disappears.
— Rwandan