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Advisers (19)

A man is often a bad adviser to himself
and a good adviser to another.
— Irish

Advisers are not the payers.
— French

Advisers are not givers.
— Dutch

Advising is often better than fighting.
— German

Advising a fool is like striking cold iron.
— Greek

Advising is easier than helping.
— German

Better a single decision maker than a thousand advisors.
— Ghanaian

He who works on the highway will have many advisers.
— Spanish

He who won't be advised, can't be helped.
— German

He who advises you to buy a horse with
a big belly will not help you feed him.
— Haitian

No one is wise enough to advise himself.
— German

The belly is a bad adviser.
— German

The road does not advise a man.
— African (Ovambo)

There is no helping him who will not be advised.
— Italian

There came never ill of good advisement.
— Scottish

Though old and wise, yet still advise.
— English

When the cart breaks down, advisers are plentiful.
— Armenian

When things go well it is easy to advise.
— Dutch

While the discreet advise,
the fool does his business.
— English