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Turkish Proverbs (001-100)

He who sells cheap, sells quickly.

The stairs are mounted step by step.

The priest does not eat pilaff every day.

Show pity to the lowly, obedience to the lofty.

Do not leave undone what is in your power to do.

Tread not on a rotten plank.

Patience is the key of joy.

An intelligent foe is better than a silly friend.

The fool continues procrastinating,
the wise man waits a fit occasion.

Eat and drink with a friend, but have
no business transaction with him.

Even the cock is jealous concerning his hen.

The ignorant person is like a cock out of season.

Unless there be a sowing there will be no reaping.

A garden scarecrow is not a man.

There is no one in the world without pain.

Patience is safety, haste is blame.

The pear falls not far from its tree.

People are masters over people
till arriving at the throne of God.

A forked peg will not enter the ground.

Do not be the partner of one more
powerful than yourself.

Of every perfection there is a decline.

The ignorant person is like a cock out of season.

To work without payment is better than sitting idle.

The teeth of a gift horse are not inspected.

The sabre cuts not its own scabbard.

Season resembles not season.

The foreigner attaches a handle to an egg.

He who dreads fire, guards himself even from smoke.

When an opportunity is in your hand do not allow it to pass.

Opposition to everyone is a mistaken act.

One must ask the delight of opium from one that smokes it.

Opportunities mean rubies.

Every misfortune is a counsel.

He who comes to the mill consents to his turn.

There are many who fall into the
misfortunes of their companions.

If we have not money, let us have honor.

Satisfaction of the heart is better than wealth.

There is no fruit from a dry tree.

He who at first suffers afterwards finds ease.

A clever thief surprises the master of the house.

Money covers blame.

He who marries early makes no mistake.

No flock without dog and shepherd.

From a base person comes no
fidelity, from a harlot no shame.

He who gives the money makes the fife play.

Mischief comes not from a friend.

Instead of opening your mouth, open your eyes.

The mouth of a young bird is big.

The old fox does not fear the trap.

If the dog's prayer were accepted,
there would be a shower of bones from heaven.

Of prayer there must be acceptance.

The mosquito is without a soul,
but its whizzing vexes the soul.

A thief needs no key.

The testimony of the heart is
stronger than a hundred witnesses.

Lawful property is not lost.

He who has had his mouth burnt
is prudent on another occasion.

He who sees death, consents to sickness.

A true word needs no oath.

The fish stinks from his head.

The dog that knows not how to bark
brings the wolf to the sheep.

Profit is the brother of loss.

A stone you would not have expected hurts your head.

A straightforward word is bitter.

He who pays no heed to the words
of his elders mounts a wild horse.

Death is a black camel that kneels at every door.

Desire is for the handsome and rich.

The testimony of the liar is not accepted.

A weapon is an enemy even to its owner.

Cotton cannot play with fire.

Custom is nature to a man.

Do not bring weariness to a council
by having all the talk to yourself.

Music befits a house where there is a wedding.

Though speech be silver, yet silence is gold.

Without provisions, one does not start upon a journey.

Taking counsel is a noble precept.

He who eats cheese finds water.

Wherever the head goes, the foot also goes.

Good advice is given, good esteem is not given.

He who chastises not his children
is himself at last chastised.

The dog bites not his master.

First think, then speak.

While the tree is a sapling it is bent.

One must look at a man's company.

Contentment is an inexhaustible treasure.

A thousand regrets do not pay one debt.

There is no friend to a man like his mother.

In the place where there are many cocks,
the morning is early.

A calf of little worth is better than an ox
in which you have only a share.

If the bald knew a remedy he would rub it on his own head.

A neighbor that is near is better than a relative of no benefit.

An open mouth remains not hungry.

Difficulties teach a man.

Beware of an enemy, even though he be only an ant.

The end of every disgraceful action is repentance.

He who is wasting away with trouble must seek remedy.

The fox comes forth from a hole
you would not have expected.

The end of haste is repentance.

Resignation is fitting for destiny.

When death comes, the dog presses
up to the wall of the mosque.

A debt is extinguished by force of paying,
a journey by force of walking.