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Lebanese Proverbs (101-115)

No smoke without fire, and no
rumor without foundation.

When evening falls all women become equal.

Better a wise enemy than a foolish friend.

A person bitten by a snake becomes
frightened at the sight of a dragged rope.

A woman has only half a brain.

He who marries a woman for her money
is good for nothing.

A cemetery never refuses a dead man.

To take revenge is not shameful.

Feet which are always on the move
are not the feet of a hard-working man.

Respect is given to wealth, not to men.

The shepherd is responsible for
the shortcomings of the flock.

One word in its place is worth a camel.

Not every time a dog barks
should a bone be thrown to it.

He who eats th sweets of life
should be able to bear the bitters of it.

Though a dog becomes fat,
its meat is not edible.