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Native American Proverbs (001-050)

Eating little and speaking little can hurt no man.
— Hopi proverb

Never interfere in a person's decisions
about what he will do with his possessions.
— Hopi proverb

Tuscarora words are the voice of the heart.
— Tuscarora proverb

Do not allow anger to poison you.
— Hopi proverb

Misfortune happens even to the wisest and best men.
— Omaha Tribe proverb

Thoughts are like arrows: once released they strike their mark.
Guard them well or you may be your own victim.
— Navajo (DinĂ©) proverb

Creation is continuous.
— Lakota Sioux proverb

Love one another and do not strive for another's undoing.
— Seneca proverb

There is a need for obedience all around us.
— Sauk proverb

Ask questions from your heart and
you will be answered from the heart.
— Omaha proverb

Life is not separate from death. It only looks that way.
— Blackfoot proverb

The man who preserves his selfhood is ever calm
and unshaken by the storms of existence.
— Oglala proverb

Be self-loving — go outside yourself and take action.
Be peaceful, and stay focused on the solution.
— Lakota proverb

Most of us do not look as handsome
to others as we do to ourselves.
— Assiniboine proverb

To go on a vision quest is to go into
the presence of the great mystery.
— Lakota proverb

Death is nothing, pain is nothing, but
cowardice is crime and disgrace
— the greatest punishment.
— Dakota proverb

Man's law changes with new understanding.
The laws of the spirit never needs to change.
— Crow proverb

There are many ways to God.
— Arapaho proverb

Death always comes out of season.
— Pawnee proverb

Many children, many homes.
— Lakota proverb

There are many good moccasin tracks
along the trail of a straight arrow.
— Fox proverb

Deeds speak louder than words.
— Assiniboine proverb

Many have fallen with the bottle in their hand.
— Lakota proverb

They are not dead who live in
the hearts they leave behind.
— Tuscarora proverb

Do not wrong or hate your neighbor
for it is not he that you wrong but yourself.
— Pima proverb

Many people are smart but few are wise.
— Shoshone proverb

Those who have one foot in the canoe and
one foot in the boat are going to fall into the river.
— Tuscarora proverb

Do not be envious of a gift that is cheerfully given.
— Omaha proverb

Everything has a beginning.
— Kiowa proverb

One foe is too many and a hundred friends too few.
— Hopi proverb

We are friends; we must assist each other to bear our burdens.
— Osage proverb

Even a small mouse has anger.
— Lakota proverb

Never sleep while your meat is cooking on the fire.
— Pueblo proverb

Walk lightly in the spring;
Mother Earth is pregnant.
— Kiowa proverb

Do you not speak of evil for it creates
curiosity in the hearts of the young.
— Lakota proverb

Misfortunes do not flourish on one path, they grow everywhere.
— Pawnee proverb

To gossip is like playing checkers with an evil spirit:
you win occasionally, but you are more
often trapped at your own game.
— Hopi proverb

Creation is ongoing.
— Lakota proverb

Make my enemy brave and strong,
so if I'm defeated, I will not be ashamed.
— Plains Indians proverb

There are many paths to a meaningful
sense of the natural world.
— Blackfoot proverb

Day and night cannot dwell together.
— Duwamish proverb

No river can return to its source,
yet all rivers must have a beginning.
— Pawnee proverb

We should be as water, which is lower
than all things yet stronger even than the rocks.
— Oglala proverb

Don't judge with the eyes— use the heart instead.
— Cheyenne proverb

Mother Nature is always there to watch and care for her own.
— Kiowa proverb

Touching the earth equates to having harmony with nature.
— Lakota proverb

Don't allow yesterday to spend up too much of today.
— Cherokee proverb

My words are tied with my body and my heart.
All of you see me, one with this world.
— Yokuts chant

Treachery darkens the chain of friendship,
but truth makes it brighter than ever.
— Susquehannock proverb

Dreams count; the Spirits have pitied us and guided us.
— Cree proverb