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Libyan Proverbs (37)

Charity has no merit till the houseowner's hunger is satisfied.

Those who pry into other people's affairs
will hear what they do not like.

To be lonely is better than to suffer offense.

He is lost who has seven jobs.

A mad dog bites anything but himself.

No divination without charcoal.

He who has luck will have the winds blow him his firewood.

Only he who treads on the fire feels it.

Every journey gives you its own flavor.

If everyone thought alike, no goods would be sold.

If your pocket gets empty, your faults will be many.

Always taking out without giving back,
even the mountains will be broken down.

Your tongue is your power. Preserve it, it will
preserve you. Betray it, it will betray you.

He who searches for pearls should not sleep.

Only he is a friend who is a friend when we are in difficulties.

One stroke by the master's hand is
better than ten from an apprentice.

Prosperity glitters and adversity shrivels.

He whose covering belongs to others is uncovered.

Genuine beauty appears from the morning;
no eye fluids will spoil it.

Friends in prosperous times are many but
in adversity you won't find one.

Every raisin contains a pip.

He who is patient obtains.

Fish eats fish and he who has no might dies.

Eat too much honey and it will become tasteless.

The thief is suspicious and the man who itches scratches.

He who has not married nor built a house
doesn't know where his money has gone.

If you get mixed with bran you'll soon be pecked by chickens.

All's not cake that's round.

Penny piled on penny will make a heap.

According to your cover stretch your legs.

Too many captains will sink the ship.

Don't throw stones in the well you drink from.

If the sun shone at night many
thieves would be discovered.

Walk with sandals till you can get good shoes.

As long as a human being lives he will learn.

Far from the eye, cheap to the heart.

The small donkey is the one that everybody rides.