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Kpelle Proverbs

The Kpelle people are the largest ethnic group in Liberia. They are located primarily in an area of central Liberia extending into Guinea.

Trees which bear flowers do not always bear fruit.

A child does not know his father's poverty.

If you are not inside a house, you do not know about its leaking.

A person is not his words.

A talkative child reveals his mother's secrets.

The way the river flows at the surface is not the way it flows underneath.

All the trees which sprout do not grow.

An old rice bag is ugly, but the thing inside is beautiful.

Friendship is not laughing.

A needle is small but its metal is strong.

A tree with holes does not call the wind to itself.

A person is not corn that you peel and see the seeds.

All things which make noise at the side of the path
do not come down on the path.

A baby chicken sleeps under a hawk's tree without knowing it.

An owner of a house knows about its leaking.

One rat is outside but many rats are inside the hole.

A person is not his words.

Everything the mouth says, it does not do.

Do not eat your chicken and throw its feathers in the front yard.

A person is not corn that you peel and see the seeds.