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Irish Proverbs (201-300)

Patience is a plaster for every wound.

To know a person one must live in the same house with him.

The person with least knowledge talks most.

Patience is a virtue that causes no shame.

Two persons never lit a fire without disagreeing.

The person with least knowledge talks most.

There's little value in the single cow.

A short visit is best and that not too often.

Beauty suffers no pain.

By their tongues people are caught,
and by their horns, cattle.

Don't bless the fish till it gets to the land.

Hard peace is better than easy warfare.

People of the same stock are friendly.

To a man equipped for war, peace is assured.

Patience is the cure for an old illness.

Patience cures many an old complaint.

A drunken woman is lost to shame.

Possession satisfies.

A dumb priest never got a parish.

A vessel holds only its fill.

A trout in the pot is better than a salmon in the sea.

When the old woman is hard pressed she must needs run.

It is not the most beautiful woman who has the most sense.

Questioning is the door of knowledge.

If you must be in rags, let your rags be tidy.

Proverbs cannot not be contradicted.

Pride feels no pain.

Woe to him who gives a preference
to one neighbor over another.

Pride is the author of every sin.

Little profit comes from constant drunkenness.

What appears full of promise often turns out a failure.

Every pupil as he is taught.

It is is own child the priest baptizes first.

Needy folks are pleased with buttermilk.

Food is no more important than wisdom.

When the twig grows hard it is difficult to twist it.

Even truth may be bitter.

Proverbs cannot be bettered.

Though the proverb is abandoned, it is not falsified.

A promise is a debt.

Reverence ceases once blood is spilt.

What is rent to a lord is food to a child.

The raven thinks its own chick white.

An early riser gets through his business.

A fool's remark is like a thorn concealed in mud.

A person without a spiritual director
is as a body without a head.

Fame endures longer than life.

To defer repentance is dangerous.

Nothing is preferable to reconciliation.

Better own a trifle than want a great deal.

There are no trials till marriage.

From strong relationships often comes great grief.

A good retreat is better than a poor defense.

A sly rogue is often in good dress.

The river is no wider from this side or the other.

Good sense is no less important than food.

Good sense comes only with age.

Without money fame is dead.

Don't tell your secret even to a fence.

A secret is a weapon and a friend.

Sense doesn't come before age.

Buy the trickster, and you need
have no fear of the honest man.

Time and patience would bring the snail to Jerusalem.

Good sense is no less important than food.

Say but little, and say it well.

Good sense comes only with age.

Long sleep makes a bare breech.

Often has a ship been lost close to the harbor.

Burning embers are easily kindled.

A friend's eye is a good mirrir.

Sickness is the physician's feast.

The first sip of broth is always the hottest.

A shrew gets her wish but suffers in the getting.

When the sight leaves the eye,
love leaves the heart.

A ship is often lost with all
on board on account of one man.

There is not a tree in heaven
higher than the tree of patience.

One who is waiting thinks the time long.

One sleeps tranquilly on the hurt of another.

From a spark grows a blaze.

Sleep is brother to death.

An excuse is nearer to a woman than her apron.

Blow not on dead embers.

There was never an old slipper but
there was an old stocking to match it.

One pair of good shoes is worth two pairs of upper leathers.

Better even a son given to gambling
than a son given to drink.

A stitch in time saves two stitches.

The full stomach does not understand the empty one.

Speed and accuracy do not agree.

The stars make no noise.

A sweet tongue is seldom without a sting to its root.

Thirst begets thirst.

It's the last suitor that wins the maid.

The eye should be blind in the home of another.

It is difficult to trust women.

There are two tellings to every story.

The thief is no danger to the beggar.

Have a thing yourself, or else do without it.

Better one good thing that is than two good things that were.

A thong is no shorter for having been in water.

Think before you speak, and look before you leap.