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Irish Proverbs (101-200)

The hand goes only where the leg goes.

Make your hay before the fine weather leaves you.

Handfuls make up a load.

Youth likes to wander.

The friend that can be bought is not worth buying.

Friendship is good, though absence from friends is painful.

A wren in the hand is better than a crane to be caught.

The most recent grief is the heaviest to bear.

A wise head keeps a closed mouth.

The hungry hound thinks not of her whelps.

When your hand is in the dog's mouth withdraw it gently.

Don't refuse to sell your horse for the sake of a crown.

Often the hound that was made fun of killed the deer.

Pity the man who does evil and who is poor notwithstanding.

The calf belongs to the owner of the cow.

Every hound is a pup until he hunts.

God does not like the lying tongue.

Youth often sheds its skin.

Let every man have his own world.

The slow horse reaches the mill.

What is nearest the heart is usually nearest the lips.

God's help is nearer than the door.

The herb that can't be got is the one that brings relief.

Manual help in farming does not always coincide.

Even a good horse cannot keep running always.

Good hope is better than a bad intention.

Hereditary instinct is stronger than upbringing.

God is not as severe as he is said to be.

There is no fireside like your own fireside.

A hut is a palace to a poor man.

There has not been found, nor will there be found.
a juster judge than the field of battle.

Do not show your teeth until you can bite.

Let not your tongue cut your throat.

Do your own job and eat your own fruits.

Knowledge comes through practice.

The lamb is a sheep in the long run.

A king should honor a man of letters.

Learning comes through work.

Everyone praises his own land.

This world is the world of everyone in turn.

A good word in court is better than a pound in the purse.

Laziness is a load.

Everyone praises his own land.

A lamb when carried too far becomes
as burdensome as a sheep.

One liar knows another.

A person without a spiritual director
is as a body without a head.

Woe to him who fails in his obligations.

Love pursues profit.

Don't build the sty until the litter comes.

One look before is better than two behind.

Love is no impartial judge.

A shut fist gets only a closed hand.

Praise the ford when you have crossed it.

Love is blind to blemishes and faults.

A long-continued loan usually confers ownership.

There is luck in sharing a thing.

A solitary man makes not an army.

Good luck is better than early rising.

There is no luck where there is no authority.

Evening is speedier than morning.

Woe to him who deems his opinion a certainty.

A late man brings trouble on himself.

A man lives long in his native place.

A foot that stirs not gets nothing.

Luck seldom lasts.

A man never fails among his own people.

A generous man has never gone to hell.

It's better to be lucky than wise.

A timid man is far from danger.

A poor man is pleased with whatever he gets.

A shamefaced man seldom acquires wealth.

Cunning is better than strength.

Patience conquers destiny.

Two persons never lit a fire without disagreeing.

A little fire that warms
is better than a big fire that burns.

There's no flood that doesn't recede.

For what cannot be cured, patience is the best remedy.

The lucky man waits for prosperity.

Every man is bold until he is at a public assembly.

The man whose stomach is well filled has
little sympathy with the wants of the hungry.

The man without eyes is no judge of beauty.

Better good manners than good looks.

Marry in haste and be sorry at your leisure.

Spread your mantle only as you can draw it.

Evil may spring from the tiniest thing.

It is afterwards events are understood.

Rarely is a fight continued when the chief has fallen.

Fences have ears.

A hen carried far is heavy.

Shallow waters make a great noise.

Break not your vows.

One pig knows another.

Constant begging only meets with constant refusal.

A trade that is not practiced is an enemy.

It is no time to go for the doctor when the patient is dead.

No matter who comes off well,
the peacemaker is sure to come off ill.

To know a person one must live in the same house with him.

There is pain in prohibition.

On an unknown path every foot is slow.

Only a fool would prefer food to a woman.