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English Proverbs (5401-5421)

God comes at last when we think he is furthest off.

Sorrow is dry.

He who gives fair words feeds you with an empty spoon.

Idle folks lack no excuses.

He that goes and comes makes a good voyage.

The hardest work is to do nothing.

One may hold one's tongue in an ill time.

Better be ill spoken of by one before all, than by all before one.

The little peddler a little pack does serve.

An artist lives everywhere.

Prudence looks before as well as behind.

No man loves his fetters, though they be made of gold.

He that comes last makes all fast.

Who more than he is worth does spend,
he makes a rope his life to end.

All are not saints that go to church.

Knavery may serve a turn, but honesty never fails.

Sudden glory soon goes out.

Never spend your money before you have it.

The friar preached against stealing and had a goose in his sleeve.

No carrion will kill a crow.

For every evil under the sun, there is a remedy,
or there is none; if there be one, try and find it,
if there be none, never mind it.