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Albanian Proverbs (45)

It is better that a village should fall than a custom.

Who has been almost drowned fears not the rain.

The pear falls under the pear tree.

A cat is a lion to a mouse.

If your neighbor is an early riser,
you will become one.

Poverty and wealth are twin sisters.

Fire is a good slave, but a bad master.

Fire, water, and governments don't understand mercy.

The fox will eat even marked chicken.

A tailless dog cannot express his joy.

The sun at home warms better than the sun abroad.

Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow.

A faithful neighbor is the best guardian.

A dry bone is never licked.

With your brother eat and drink, but have no business.

He dreads a moth who has been stung by a wasp.

Hard heads suffer much.

More lambs are slaughtered than sheep.

What a kid can jump over, a goat can.

One natural law follows another, and the wolf the sheep.

Human life is like a candle.

It is hard to live, but it is harder still to die.

Sharp acids corrode their own containers.

He who seeks finds everywhere.

There was never a conflict without a woman.

Let your prayers for a good crop
be short and your hoeing long.

As you call, so will you be answered.

More than a hood and a sad face
is necessary to make a monk.

The thread is cut where it is thinnest.

A tailless dog cannot express his joy.

An old dog will learn nothing.

The apple does not fall far from the apple tree.

Better a neighbor over the wall than a brother over the sea.

Those who have tongs do not burn their fingers.

He who has a beard also has a comb.

The wolf changes his hair, but not his skin.

An old dog will learn nothing.

Who has the tongs does not burn his fingers.

Free vinegar tastes better than bought honey.

Blood cannot be turned into water.

All virtues spring from honor.

When you have figs in your haversack
everybody seeks your friendship.

The stomach has no windows.

The hasty leaps over his opportunities.

He who hesitates, regrets.