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English Proverbs (201-300)

Cat will after kind.

Everyone after his fashion.

Many ventures make a full freight.

A horse that will not carry a saddle
must have no oats.

Set good against evil.

Wisdom is in age.

War must be waged by waking men.

Knaves imagine nothing can be done without knavery.

He that will enter into paradise must have a good key.

A great ship asks deep waters.

Hearts may agree though heads differ.

Two kings in one kingdom
do not agree well together.

Hunters never grow rich.

Wood half burnt is easily kindled.

There is no haste to hang true men.

She devils are hard to tame.

A broken leg is not healed by a silk stocking.

A fool knows more in his own house
than a wise man in another's.

Well paid is well sold.

Drive the nail that will go.

The higher the ape goes, the more he shows his tail.

Ill weather is seen soon enough when it comes.

A good archer is not known by his arrows, but his aim.

Fair gainings make fair spendings.

A bird of the air shall carry it.

A fair flower springs out of a dunghill.

Praise the sea but keep on land.

Every cook praises his own broth.

Facts speak for themselves.

Little minds like weak liquors are soonest soured.

Make money honestly if you can, but make money.

You can never make a good shaft of a pig's tail.

If you take a wife from hell, she will bring you back.

Overdone pride makes naked side.

Troy was not taken in a day.

A thief knows a thief, as a wolf knows a wolf.

It is a sin to steal a pin.

A scald head is soon broken.

Consideration is half conversion.

Life lies open like a book.

He can give little to his servant that licks his knife.

They that live longest must die at last.

Talk not too much of state affairs.

Two cannot walk together unless they be agreed.

The tongue talks at the head's cost.

All is fair in trade.

Habit makes all things agreeable.

There is knavery in all trades.

Content is all.

There is judgment in all things.

The heart is all.

Do not all you can; spend not all you have;
believe not all you hear; and tell not all you know.

There is but one shrew in all the world,
but every man thinks he has one.

He that measures oil shall anoint his fingers.

Hear all, see all.

A small spark makes a great fire.

A friend to all is a friend to none.

He that is fallen cannot help him that is down.

Courts keep no almanacs.

Better be alone than in bad company.

Hope of long life beguiles many a good wife.

A loose stake may stand long.

Buying and selling is but winning and losing.

A poor beauty finds more lovers than husbands.

One false knave accuses another.

Circumstances alter cases.

Wealth is best known by want.

Blessings are not valued till they are gone.

Empty chambers make foolish maids.

A lame traveler should get out betimes.

There is no cake but there is the like of the same make.

He that borrows must pay again with shame or loss.

Good words make amends for misdeeds.

The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot
will shrink from the service of their country.

He that does nothing does ever amiss.

God is above all.

Let not him that fears feathers come among wild fowl.

A man among children will be long a child;
a child among men will be soon a man.

The devil is an ass.

Debt is an evil conscience.

It is an ill game that has not one trump.

A flow will have an ebb.

Choose not a house near an inn or in a corner.

Learning makes a good man better and an ill man worse.

A man that keeps riches and enjoys them not,
is like an ass that carries gold and eats thistles.

A man may be an artist though he have not his tools about him.

A gentleman without an estate is a pudding without suet.

Better a lean peace than a fat victory.

Speak of a man as you find him.

Nature gives what no man can take away.

When Adam delved and Eve span, who was then the gentleman?

Such a beginning, such an ending.

Choose not a woman nor linen by candlelight.

The wit of a woman is a great matter.

A woman's counsel is sometimes good.

Custom without reason is but ancient error.

Do the likeliest and hope the best.

When house and land are gone and spent,
the learning is most excellent.

Though old and wise, yet still advise.

Follow pleasure and pleasure will flee;
flee pleasure and pleasure will follow thee.