Demonyms Used In Sorting World Proverbs *

Afghan [Afghanistan]
Albanian [Albania]
Algerian [Algeria]
American [United States]
Andorran [Andorra]
Angolan [Angola]
Annang language and people [found primarily in Nigerian & Cameroon]
Antiguan & Barbudan [Antigua & Barbuda is one twin-island nation]
Arabian is a peninsula, Arabic is a language.
Saudi & Saudi Arabian are the demonyms of Saudi Arabia
Argentinian, Argentinean [Argentine]
Armenian [Armani]
Australian or Aussie [Australia] see English
Australian Aboriginal [Australia, Tasmania]
Austrian [Austria]
Azerbaijani [Azerbaijan]
Bahamian [Bahama]
Bahraini [Bahrain]
Barbadian, Bajan (colloquial) [Barbados]
Batswana (not Batswanian) [Batswan]
Belarusian [Belarus]
Belgian [Belgium]
Belizean [Belize]
Bengali [Bangladesh]
Beninese [Benin] (Yoruban)
Bermudian [Bermuda]
Bhutanese [Bhutan]
Bissau-Guinean [Guinea-Bissau]
Bolivian [Bolivia]
Bosnian [Bosnia-Herzegovina] see also Herzegovinan
Brazilian [Brazil] speak Portuguese
British or Briton [United Kingdom]
Bruneian [Brunei]  (Malay)
Bulgarian [Bulgaria]
Burkinabe [Burkina Faso]
Burmese, [Myanmar/Myanma formerly Burma]
Burundian [Burundi]
Cambodian [Cambodia]
Cameroonian [Cameroon]
Canadians [Canada]
Cape Verdean [Cape Verde]
Caymanian [Cayman]
Central African [Central African Republic]
Chadian [Chad]
Chilean [Chile]
Chinese [China]
Christmas Islanders [Christmas Islands]
Cocos (Keeling) Islanders [Coco Islands]
Colombian [Columbia]
Comoran(s) [Comoros] tiny islands
Congolese [Congo]
Costa Ricans [Costa Rica]
Croatian [Croatia]
Cubans [Cuban]
Cultural African [Not limited to any one culture]
Curacaoan [Curacao]
Cypriot [Cyprus]
Czech [Czech Republic]
Danish (Danes) [Denmark]
Djiboutian [Djibouti]
Dominican [Dominican Republic]
Dominican [Dominica]
Dutch, [Netherlands]
East Timorese [Timor-Leste aka East Timor] (Portuguese & Tetum)
Ecuadorian [Ecuador]
Egyptian [Egypt]
Emirati [United Arab Emirates] (Arabic)
English language [England, America, Canada, Australia, South Africa]
Equatorial Guinean or Equatoguinean [Equatorial Guinea]
Eritrean [Eritrea]
Estonian [Estonia]
Ethiopian [Ethiopia]
Falkland Islander [Falklands]
Filipino [Philippines] (Tagalog 2nd language)
Finnish, Finns [Finland]
French language [France, French diaspora]
Gabonese [Gabon]
Gaelic [Ireland, Scotland, Mann]
Gambian [Gambian]
Georgian [Georgia]
German language [Germany, German diaspora]
Ghanaian [Ghana]
Greek [Greece]
Greenlander or Greenlandic [Greenland]
Grenadian [Grenada]
Guatemalan [Guatemala]
Guinean [Guinea]
Guyanese [Guyana]
Haitian [Haiti]
Hebrew [Israel, Jewish diaspora]
Herzegovinian [Bosnia-Herzegovina] see also Bosnian
Honduran, Catracho [Honduras]
Hungarian [Hungary]
Icelandic, Icelander [Iceland]
Indian [India]
Indonesian [Indonesia]
Iranian [Iran]
Iraqi [Iraq] (Arabic)
Irish [Ireland and Northern Ireland]
Israeli [Israel]
Italian [Italian]
Ivorian [Republic of Côte d'Ivoire] aka Ivory Coast
Jamaican [Jamaica]
Japanese [Japan]
Jewish people [Jewish diaspora] Yiddish, Hebrew, English
Jordanian [Jordan]
Kashmiran [Kashmir]
Kazakhstani (not Kyrgzstani, see below) [Kazakhstan]
Kenyan [Kenya]
Kitti-Nevi (Kittian, Nevisian) [St. Kitts & Nevis are one nation]
Korean [North & South Korea]
Kurdish [Kurdistan]
Kuwaiti [Kuwait] (Arabic)
Kyrgzstani & Kyrgyz [Kyrgyzstan] (not Kazakhstan)
Laotian [Laos]
Latvian [Latvia]
Lebanese [Lebanon]
Liberian [Liberian]
Liechtensteiners [Liechtenstein] speak German
Lithuanian [Lithuania]
Luxembourgian [Luxembourg] speak Luxembourgish
Lybian [Lybia]
Macanese [Macau]
Macedonian [Macedonia]
Malagasy [Madagascar]
Malawian [Malawi]
Malaysian [Malaysia]
Maldivian [Maldive]
Malian [Mali]
Maltese [Malta]
Mauritanian [Mauritania]
Melanesian [Melanesian Islands]
Mexican [Mexico]
Micronesia [Micronesian Islands]
Moldavian & Moldovan [Moldava]
Monégasque or Monegasque [Monaco]
Mongolian [Mongolia]
Montenegrin [Montenegro]
Moroccan [Morocco]
Mosotho (singular), Basotho (plural) [Lesotho]
Mozambican [Mozambique] (Swahili)
Myanmar (see Burmese)
Namibian [Namibia]
Native American [Indigenous tribes of the Americas]
Nepalese [Nepal] (Napali)
New Zealander or Kiwi (colloquial) [New Zealand]
Nicaraguan [Nicaraguan]
Nigerian [Nigeria]
Nigerien [Niger]
Norwegian [Norway]
Omani [Oman] (Arabic)
Ovambo language and culture [primarily Angola & Namibia]
Pakistani [Pakistan] (Urdu)
Palestinian [Palestine]
Panamanian [Panama]
Paraguayan [Paraguay]
Polish [Poland]
Polynesian [Polynesia]
Portuguese [Portugal, Brazil, Portuguese diaspora]
Puerto Rican [Puerto Rico]
Qatari [Qatar] (Arabic)
Romanians [Romania]
Russian [Russia]
Russians [Russia]
Rwandan or Rwandese [Rwanda]
Saint Lucian [Saint Lucia]
Salvadoran [El Salvador]
Sanmarinese [San Marino]
Santomean [São Tomé and Príncipe] tiny Pacific islands
Saudi Arabian and Saudi [Saudi Arabia]
Senegalese [Senegal]
Serbian [Serbia]
Seychelloise, Seselwa (Creole) [Seychelles]
Sierra Leonean [Sierra Leone]
Singaporean [Singapore]
Slovak [Slovakia]
Slovenian [Slovenia]
Somali or Somalian [Somalia]
South Sudanese [South Sudan]
South African [South Africa]
Spanish [Spain, Spanish diaspora]
Sri Lankani [Sri Lanka] (Sinhala)  (Tamil)
Sudanese [Sudan]
Surinamese [Surinam]
Swahili language & culture [Tanzania, Kenya, & Mozambique]
Swazi [Swaziland]
Swedish [Sweden]
Swiss [Switzerland]
Syrian [Syria] (Arabic)
Taiwanese [Taiwan]
Tajikistani [Tajikistan] (Tajik)
Tanzanian [Tanzania]
Thai [Thailand]
Tibetan [Tibet]
Togolese [Togo]
Trinidadian, Tobagonian [Trinidad & Tobagoare are one nation]
Tunisian [Tunisia]
Turkish [Turkey] (partly European)
Turkmen [Turkmenistan]
Ugandan [Uganda]
Ukrainian [Ukraine]
Uruguayan [Uruguay]
Uzbeck [Uzbekistan]
Venezuelan [Venezuela]
Vietnamese [Vietnam, Viet Nam]
Vincentian [St. Vincent & the Grenadines are one nation]
Virgin Islander [Virgin Islands]
Western Saharan [Western Sahara]
Yemeni & Yemenite [Yemen] (Arabic)
Yiddish language [Orthodox Jews & Hasidic diaspora]
Yugoslavian [former Yugoslavia]
Zambian [Zambia]
Zimbabwean [Zimbabwe]
Zulu language & culture [South Africa]

* We demarcate proverbs by language and culture rather than nations. Proverbs migrate with people, not countries. For example, proverbs that originated in England, are commonly found in all predominately English speaking. In contrast, a proverb unique to a Native American tribe like the Sioux, would not be considered a United States proverb.

It should also be noted that many proverbs were in common usage long before specific nations were created. And they will endure long after the government and its borders dissolve.

Subcontinental Regions:

Nubians [Nubia] Africa
Sahrawi [Sahara] Africa

Aleutians, Aluets [Aleutian Islands] Americas
Amazonians [Amazon River Region] Americas
Antilleans [Antilles] Americas
Cearenses [Ceara] Americas
Guianans [Guiana] Americas
Maritimers [Maritimes] Americas
Mineiros [Minas Gerais] Americas
Patagonians [Patagonia] Americas
West Indians  [West Indies] Americas

Balinese [Bali] Asia *
Bengalis [Bengal] Asia *
Biharis [Bihar] Asia *
Borneans [Borneo] Asia *
Caucasians [Caucasus] Asia *
Gujaratis [Gujarat] Asia *
Indochinese [Indochina] Asia
Javanes, Sundanese [Java] Asia *

Punjabis [Punjab] Asia
Siberians [Siberia] Asia

Galileans [Galilee] Middle East
Judaeans [Judea] Middle East
Kurds, Kurdish [Kurdistan] Middle East
Smaritans [Samaria] Middle East

Antipodeans [Antipodes] Oceania {Australia & NZ}
Melanesians [Melanesia] Oceania
Micronesians [Micronesia] Oceania
Polynesians [Polynesia] Oceania
Tahitians [Tahiti] Oceania

Alsatians [Alsace] Europe
Aragonese [Aragon] Europe
Asturians [Austurias] Europe
Balts [Baltic region] Europe
Bavarians [Bavaria] Europe
Basques [Basque Country] Europe
Bohemians [Bohemia] Europe
Bretons [Brittany] Europe
Burgundians [Burgundy] Europe
Cantuarians [Canterbury] England Europe
Carinthians [Carinthia] Europe
Castilians [Castile] Europe
Caucasians [Caucasus, Caucasia] Europe
Cornish [Cornwall] Europe
Crimeans [Crimea] Europe
Curonians [Courland] Europe
Fifers [Fife] Europe
Flemings [Flanders] Europe
Franconians [Franconia] Europe
Friesians, Frisians [Friesland, Frisian Islands] Europe
Galicians [Galicia (Central Europe)] Europe
Gascons [Gascony] Europe
Harrovians [Hesse] Europe
Holsteiners [Holstein] Europe
Iberians [Iberian Penninsula] Europe
Kosovans [Kosovo] Europe
Lancastrians [Lancashire] Europe
Lappish, Saamis [Lapland] Europe
Leonese [Leon] Europe
Lombards [Lombardy] Europe
Lorrainians [Lorraine] Europe
Malayan [Malay Archipelago] East Indies
Mediterraneans [Mediterranean region] Europe
Murcians [Murcia] Europe
Navarrese [Navarre] Europe
Normans [Normandy] Europe
Penninese [Pennines] Europe
Picards [Picardy] Europe
Piedmontese [Piedmont] Europe
Rhinelanders [Rhineland] Europe
Savoyards [Savoy] Europe
Saxons [Saxony] Europe
Scandinavians [Scandinavia] Europe
Tuscans [Tuscany] Europe
Venetians [Veneto] Europe
Walloons [Wallonia] Europe
Westphalian [Westphalia] Europe

Iberian (Peninsula) = Spain, Portugal
Scandinavian (Peninsula) = Denmark, Norway, Sweden
Nordic = Scandinavia + Iceland, Finland, Faroe Islands

Ancient Cultures/Languages:
Old English [pre-17th C Anglican]
Moorish [Moors]
Latin [Ancient Roman Empire]
Persian [Ancient Persia]
Prussian [Ancient Prussia]