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Dogs (201-250)

If you caress a dog, he will lick your mouth.
— Indian (Tamil)

If you play with a dog, do not complain
when it tears your clothes.
— African (Annang)

If you have stepped over the dog, step over its tail too.
— Estonian

If the dog is patted on the head, it wags its tail.
— Filipino

In a wealthy man's house there is no lean dog.
— Japanese

In every country dogs bite.
— English

Into the mouth of a bad dog, often falls a good bone.
— English

It is difficult to teach an old dog to sit down.
— Icelandic

It is ill to waken sleeping dogs.
— Scottish

It is all one whether you are bit by a dog or a bitch.
— French

It is better to irritate a dog than an old woman.
— Italian

It is a hard winter when dogs eat dogs.
— English

It is a poor dog that is not worth whistling for.
— English

Keep hold of the bone a
nd the dog will follow you.
— Irish

Let dogs sleep, otherwise if anything
done against them is a problem.
— Kenyan

Let people talk and dogs bark.
— German

Let every dog carry his own tail.
— English

Let sleeping dogs lie.
— English

Little dogs start the hare but great ones catch it.
— English

Look not for musk in a dog's kennel.
— English

A dog doesn’t care which side of a bone he’s handed.
— Swedish

Money makes dogs dance.
— French

Mad dogs get their coats torn.
— Danish

Many make themselves a dog for the sake of survival.
— Turkish

Money speaks; dogs bark.
— Hungarian

Never was a cat or dog drowned that could see the shore.
— English

No flock without dog and shepherd.
— Turkish

Not every time a dog barks should a bone be thrown to it.
— Lebanese

Not every dog that barks, bites
. — Russian

Not everyone the dogs bark at is a thief.
— Yiddish

One dog barks an inanity,
ten thousand dogs assert its truth.
— Japanese

One must talk soothingly to the dog
until one has passed him.
— French

One tells a dog there's a feast at your home,
it says let me see it on the ground.
— African (Hausa)

One dog barks at something and a
hundred bark at the sound.
— Chinese

Put not your hand in a mad dog's mouth.
— American

He who lies down with dogs will rise with fleas.
— English

Strike a dog with a bone and he'll not growl.
— Irish

The wolf enters a flock that is without a dog.
— Turkish

The wife wails and the dog whimpers and
the child whines and poverty howls.
— Yiddish

The worst dog that is will wag his tail.
— English

The smith’s dog sleeps at the noise of the hammer
and wakes at the grinding of teeth.
— Spanish

The dog does not worry when the chicken
runs over to the bones.
— Ghanaian

The paw prints of a leopard are not trodden in by a dog.
— Ugandan

The dog never forgets its owner.
— Ugandan

The owner of the dog does not obey his dog.
— Ugandan

The silent dog is the first to bite.
— German

The hyena is the cure for the biting dog.
— African (Hausa)

The dog that is forced into the woods
will not hunt many deer.
— Danish

The dog that knows not how to bark
brings the wolf to the sheep.
— Turkish

The dog that hates to obey his owner
will sleep without his supper.
— Jamaican