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Kenyan Proverbs (101-122)

Things are miraculous: reeds produce water,
forests produce firewood and fire produce ashes.

To be praised is to be lost.

Tongue is lightening.

Use of brains begets wealth.

Water can not be forced uphill.

We should talk while we are still alive.

We will water the thorn for the sake of the rose.

We add wisdom to knowledge.

We should put out fire while it is still small.

We can't depend on one brave man.

What the people think cannot be denied.

What is in the stomach carries what is in the head.

When the date crop is over, everyone mocks at the palm tree.

When a person hides sickness, we will hear cries of distress.

When the mouse laughs at the car, there is a hole nearby.

Who has shoes does not fear thorns.

Who walks in the mud, at some point must clean his feet.

You do not run into mountains, but people yes.

You cannot handle fire with your hands.

You must treat the earth well.
It was not given to you by your parents.
It is loaned to you by your children.

You only make a bridge where there is a river.

Your friend’s mother is your mother too.