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Kenyan Proverbs (001-050)

A good name is better than a nice scent.

A stomach is not carried by a fool.

A stick is straightened while still young.

A woman’s stomach does not grow if she is not pregnant.

A well developed bush cannot lack
or miss a useful tree to be felled.

A tractor driver doesn't fear dust.

A thieving dog knows itself.

A bug grows up in dry wood, comes to full maturity.

A fool has many days.

A messenger cannot be beaten.

A fool is like a wanderer lost on a path.

A mother is the cornerstone of the family.

A faithful woman is a crown to her husband.

A funeral offers the opportunity for reconciliation.

A Champion bull starts from birth.

A dog that steals sells its body.

A log in the river will never be a crocodile.

A deaf ear is followed by death and an ear that
listens is followed by blessings.

A person who never travels, believes his mother's
cooking is the best in the world.

A hyena cannot smell its own stench.

A small house will hold a hundred friends.

A rich person does not have to struggle, that is,
share the problems of ordinary people.

A village united in fraternity is prosperous.

All monkeys can not hung on the same branch.

An eye that you treat is the one that turns against you.

An orphaned calf licks its own back.

Any goat can serve as bridewealth unless it has a defect.

Bad dancing does not brake an engagement.

Beer that will spoil ferments unequally.

Big talkers won't be your in-laws long.

Blind belief is dangerous.

Bow-legged person does not hunt antelopes.

By persevering the egg walks on legs.

Competition exhausted the lungs.

Do not follow a person who is running a way.

Do not boast about yourself before
performing an event, but after the event.

Do not fill your basket with useless shells of coconuts.

Don't interrupt a woman fetching water.

Drums are never beat without reason.

Even a friend can not rescue one from old age.

Even an expert swimmer drowns.

Every frog has its poison.

God does not sleep.

God cultivates with a blunt machete.

Happiness is like a field you can harvest every season.

He who has a sister has a brother-in-law.

He who refuses to obey cannot command.

He who does not leave with a stone says
the stone is warm.

He who treats you as himself does you no injustice.

Home is for a husband and a wife.