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God (151-175)

God wanted to chastise mankind so He sent lawyers.
— Russian

God watches over fools.
— Yiddish

God is a giver.
— Indian (Kashmiri)

God will cook the soup for him
who has water, herbs, and wood.
— Russian

God's mill grinds slow but sure.
— English

God's work is soon done.
— French

God's help is nearer than the door.
— Irish

God's mill goes slowly,
but it grinds well.
— German

God's rain falls even on the wicked.
— Tanzanian

God’s displeasure is the serious thing;
that of others can be endured.
— Ghanaian

God's friend, the priest's foe.
— German

God's will is stronger than the emperor's.
— Serbo-Croatian

God's pen does not make any mistakes.
— African (Swahili)

Gods, devils and men are alike in actions and thoughts.
— Tibetan

Gods and immortals sometimes lose their swords.
— Chinese

He loses nothing that loses not God.
— English

He that serves God for money,
will serve the devil for better wages.
— English

He that sows trusts in God.
— English

He thrives well that God loves.
— English

He who serves God has a good master.
— English

He who does not speak,
God does not hear.
— Spanish

He's poor whom God hates.
— Scottish

Heaven has many cracks through which God can see.
— Russian

Help yourself and God will help you.
— Dutch

If God drenches you with His rain,
He will dry you with His sun.
— Slovenian