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Friends (276-300)

The friendship of foes is like fire concealed in smoke.
— Indian (Tamil)

The friendship of officials is as thin as paper.
— Chinese

The best mirror is an old friend.
— English

The rain does not recognize anyone as a friend;
it drenches all equally.
— African (Ibo)

The falling out of friends is the renewal of love.
— English

The world befriends the elephant and tramples on the ant.
— Indian (Hindustani)

The friend that faints is a foe.
— English

The friend of a quarrel picker is quarrelsome.
— African (Ovambo)

The friend that can be bought is not worth buying.
— Irish

The devil turns against its friend.
— Kenyan

The poor man has no friend.
— African (Ashanti)

The friendship of great men is like the shadow
of a bush-soon gone.
— French

The poor man's enemies are few,
the rich man's friends are even fewer.
— Yiddish

The wound that a friend gives you hurts.
— Greek

The friendship of two depends on the forbearance of one.
— Indian (Tamil)

The friend is known in the time of difficulty.
— African (Morocco)

The false friend is like the shadow of a sundial.
— French

The tongue of a bad friend cuts more than a knife.
— Spanish

The surest way to make enemies is to have too many friends.
— American

The purse strings are the most common ties of friendship.
— English

The image of friendship is truth.
— African (Egypt)

The whole town is friendly to a physician.
— Indian (Tamil)

The rich have many friends.
— Dutch

The friendship of the great is fraternity with lions.
— Italian

The word of a friend makes you cry;
the word of an enemy makes you laugh.
— Cameroonian