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Friends (176-200)

He cannot be a friend to any one
who is his own enemy.
— French

He who is his own friend will have
the friendship of others.
— Welsh

He is well off who has no money to lend to friends;
he doesn't create enemies.
— Yiddish

He who causes one's starvation is not one's friend.
— African (Yoruba)

He who judges between two friends loses one of them.
— French

He's a friend that speaks well behind our backs.
— English

Don’t ever let go of a true friend.
— Nigerian

Hold a true friend with both your hands.
— African (Kanuri)

If you find a leopard in your house,
make him your friend.
— African (Swahili)

If apart, long friendship, if together,
the least touch will provoke hatred.
— Indian (Tamil)

If you have had enough of your friend,
grant him a loan.
— Russian

If the tongue were to tell all the bosom knows,
none would be friends.
— Welsh

If you can't overcome a man,
you would best call him your friend.
— Jamaican

If you make friends on the road,
your knife will be lost.
— African (Oji)

Your close friend can be your worst
enemy and vice versa.
— Ghanaian

If a friend is honey, do not try to eat all of him.
— Rumanian

If you drink with a friend, a thousand cups are too few;
if you argue with a man, half a sentence is too much.
— Chinese

If you have one true friend, you have more than your share.
— English

If you want to lose your friend, grant him a loan.
— Estonian

If you would have a good servant,
take neither a kinsman nor a friend.
— English

If marriages be made in heaven,
some had few friends there.
— Scottish

In the mirror everybody sees his best friend.
— Yiddish

In distress a friend is best.
— Welsh

In the division of inheritance,
friendship stands still.
— Dutch

In hardship you know your friends.
— Japanese