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Friends (076-100)

An old boot and an old friend are the most dear.
— Polish

An old friend is like a saddled horse.
— Iranian (Pashto)

An open enemy is preferable to a hidden friend.
— Turkish

An old friend is a mount for a black day.
— Turkish

An old enemy never becomes a friend.
— Greek

An intelligent foe is better than a silly friend.
— Turkish

As you pour out for your friend so must you drink.
— Russian

As water lends itself to the shape of the vessel,
a man is shaped by his friends — good or bad.
— Japanese

At marriages and funerals friends
are discerned from kinsfolk.
— English

At the narrow passage there is
no brother and no friend.
— African (Egypt)

Be a friend to yourself, and
others will be so too.
— English

You do not know who is friend or enemy
until the ice breaks.
— Icelandic

Before you make a friend,
eat a peck of salt with him.
— Dutch

Better a friend at court than gold on the finger.
— Welsh

Better one friend with a dish of food
than a hundred with a sigh.
— Yiddish

Better a wise enemy than a foolish friend.
— Lebanese

Better to have a friend on the road
than gold or silver in your purse.
— French

Better lose a little money than a little friendship.
— African (Malagasy)

Better alone than have a false friend for company.
— English

Better a new friend than an old foe.
— English

Better my friend think me strange than troublesome.
— Scottish

Better a a friend's bite than an enemy's caress.
— Danish

Better a friendly denial than
an unwilling compliance.
— German

Beware of your friends,
not your enemies.
— Yiddish

Beware of a reconciled friend as of the devil.
— Spanish