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Fortune (026-050)

Bad fortune follows the poor man.
— Yiddish

Beauty will sit and weep,
fortune will sit and eat.
— Indian (Tamil)

Blessed is the misfortune that comes alone.
— Italian

Blessings never come in pairs;
misfortunes never come singly.
— Chinese

Change of fortune is the lot of life.
— English

Children bring good fortune,
children bring misfortune.
— Yiddish

Credit is invisible fortune.
— Japanese

Diligence is the parent of fortune.
— German

Diseases enter by the mouth, misfortunes issue from it.
— Chinese

Do not rely on your present good fortune;
prepare for the year when it may leave you.
— Chinese

Don't trust in fortune until you are in heaven.
— Filipino

Don't laugh at someone else's misfortune,
yours is on the horizon.
— Russian

Each misfortune will show its own way.
— Indian (Kashmiri)

Even the best people experience
the misfortune of divorce.
— African (Egypt)

Every misfortune is a counsel.
— Turkish

Every man is the architect of his own fortune.
— English

Wise from the misfortune but not rich.
— Finnish

Everything may be borne except good fortune.
— Italian

Evil counsel is the root of misfortune.
— African (Hausa)

Few bewail a fool's misfortune.
— African (Fulani)

Fools have fortune.
— English

Fortunate is the man who has a happy old age.
— Yiddish

Fortune favors the bold.
— English

Fortune helps him that is willing to help himself.
— English

Fortune is variant.
— English