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Fame (27)

A tiger leaves its skin when dead,
but men live by their fame instead.
— Malaysian

A good fame is better than a good face.
— English

All fame brings envy.
— English

Fame fuels fame.
— English

All fame is dangerous.
— English

Common fame is a common liar.
— English

Common fame seldom lies.
— Dutch

Common fame is seldom to blame.
— English

Evil name is evil fame.
— English

Fame is but the breath of the people.
— English

Fame is like gourds, it breaks.
— African (Shona)

Fame endures longer than life.
— Irish

Fame is a magnifying glass.
— English

Fame will last longer than wealth.
— Welsh

Fame and repute follow a man to the door.
— Danish

Fame, like a river, is narrowed at its
source and broadest afar off.
— English

From fame to infamy is a beaten road.
— English

He that sows virtue, shall reap fame.
— English

If you can't spread my fame,
don't besmirch my good name.
— African (Jabo)

Instruction is wealth, and learning is fame.
— Indian (Tamil)

Profit is better than fame.
— Danish

Riches and fame are but dreams among men.
— Chinese

The fame of a warrior is precarious,
while that of a man strong to cultivate food is lasting.
— Australian

Various are the roads to fame.
— Italian

Wealth and fame, strangers gather around.
Poverty and lowliness, even relatives depart.
— Japanese

Without money fame is dead.
— Irish

He who does not know a famous person
surely will hear of him.
— African (Hausa)