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Evil (001-025)

A silent tongue is better than evil speaking.
— Manx

A good lawyer, an evil neighbor.
— English

A wicked tongue is worse than an evil hand.
— Yiddish

All evil deeds are repaid on earth.
— Greek

All evils, save death, may be amended.
— Greek

An evil deed, like smoke, cannot be hidden.
— Filipino

An evil suspicion has a worse condition.
— English

An evil deed has a witness in the bosom.
— Danish

An evil conscience breaks many a man's neck.
— English

An evil eye can see no good.
— Danish

An evil lesson is soon learned.
— English

Avarice is the root of all evil.
— African (Swahili)

Be good within reason, but never do evil.
— Malaysian

Bear with evil and expect good.
— English

Better suffer a known evil than
change for uncertain good.
— Spanish

Better good afar off than evil at hand.
— English

Better a distant good than a near evil.
— Portuguese

Better prevent an evil than attend it.
— American

Between evil tongues and evil ears,
there is nothing to choose.
— Danish

Blessed be the man who knows his power
and abstains from doing evil to others.
— African (Egypt)

Debt is an evil conscience.
— English

Depart from evil and create good.
— Russian

Evil must be driven out by evil.
— Danish

Evil to him that evil thinks.
— English

Evil will not be concealed.
— Welsh