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Enemies (051-075)

When an enemy digs a grave for you,
God gives you an emergency exit.
— Ugandan

Gossiping about the enemy brings war.
— African (Jabo)

He cannot be a friend to any one who is his own enemy.
— French

He is well off who has no money to lend
to friends; he doesn't create enemies.
— Yiddish

He who makes light of his enemy dies by his hand.
— Spanish

He who has three enemies must agree with two.
— German

He that has no enemies has no friends.
— English

He is an enemy who slanders one's name.
— African (Yoruba)

He who conquers his anger
has conquered an enemy.
— German

He who feeds a wolf, strengthens his enemy.
— Danish

He who is truthful may be the enemy of many.
— Indian (Tamil)

He who lends to a friend makes an enemy.
— Polish

He who loses his enemy, weeps not for him.
— African (Wolof)

He who is a friend of the forest
cannot be an enemy of the tree.
— Russian

Hunger and cold deliver a man up to his enemy.
— English

If you wish to have no enemy, do not lend.
— Filipino

If we are bound to forgive an enemy,
we are not bound to trust him.
— English

If one gets a slap in the face,
one acquires an enemy as a bonus.
— Yiddish

It is no use hiding from a friend
what is known to an enemy.
— Danish

It's easy to acquire an enemy;
hard to acquire a friend.
— Yiddish

Knowledge has no enemy but ignorance.
— English

Little enemies and little wounds are not to be despised.
— German

Make a bridge of silver for the fleeing enemy.
— Spanish

Make no one an enemy without cause.
— Turkish

Many are brave when the enemy flees.
— Italian