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Doctor (026-051)

He who will not open the door to
give alms will open it for the doctor.
— Indian (Hindi)

He who is in pain should go to the doctor.
— Hebrew

Heed not all words of the doctor
nor yet of the confessor.
— Greek

Hide not the truth from your confessor,
your doctor, or your lawyer.
— Italian

If pride were an art, how many
doctors we should have.
— Italian

If the doctor cures, the sun sees it;
but if he kills, the earth hides it.
— Scottish

It is no time to go for the doctor
when the patient is dead.
— Irish

New doctor, new churchyard.
— German

No one becomes a good doctor
before he has filled a churchyard.
— Swedish

Only a doctor can kill you without punishment.
— Hungarian

Sleep is the best doctor.
— Yiddish

The poor are cured by work,
the rich by the doctor.
— Polish

The doctor demands his fees whether
he has killed the illness or the patient.
— Polish

The doctor cures when he can smell money.
— Polish

The doctor has a remedy for everything but poverty.
— Yiddish

The mistakes of the doctor are covered by earth.
— Polish

The sick man's property belongs to the doctor.
— African (Hausa)

The doctor who rides in a chair
will not visit the house of the poor.
— Chinese

The doctor is often more to be feared than the disease.
— French

There is no doctor on the day of death.
— African (Fulani)

There are more old drunkards than old doctors.
— French

Time is the best doctor.
— Russian

Time helps even the doctor.
— Estonian

When everybody is doing well,
the doctor is miserable.
— Hungarian

Where love is in the case, the doctor is an ass.
— English

With a young lawyer you lose your inheritance;
with a young doctor your health.
— Swedish