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Devil (101-125)

The devil finds work for idle hands.
— English

The devil dreads holy water.
— Maltese

The devil is a busy bishop in his own diocese.
— English

The devil dares not peep under a maid's coat.
— English

The devil can quote scripture.
— English

The devil is an ass.
— English

The devil himself doesn't know where women sharpen their knives.
— Latvian

The devil was handsome when he was young.
— French

The devil turns away from a closed door.
— Spanish

The devil is dead.
— English

The devil tempts some, but an idle man tempts the devil.
— English

The devil take the hindmost.
— English

The poorer one is, the more devils he meets.
— Chinese

The devil sometimes speaks the truth.
— English

The worst devil is the one who prays.
— Polish

The husband's mother is the wife's devil.
— German

The devil sits behind the cross.
— Dutch

The devil rides upon a fiddlestick.
— English

The devil turns against its friend.
— Kenyan

The wicked shun the light as the devil does the cross.
— Dutch

The devil is God's ape.
— English

The devil does not destroy his own house.
— African (Egypt)

The father a saint, the son a devil.
— Italian

The cross on the breast, and the devil in the heart.
— English

The bigger the devil, the better the soldier.
— American