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Devil (026-050)

Even the devil sometimes breaks his horns.
— Japanese

Even the devil rocks the children of the rich.
— Russian

Every man for himself and the devil for all.
— English

Every man before he dies shall see the devil.
— English

Every devil has not a cloven foot.
— English

Everyone has his own devil, and some have two.
— Swedish

God has few friends, the devil has many.
— English

God is great, but the devil is clever too.
— Rumanian

God sends corn and the devil mars the sack.
— English

Gods, devils and men are alike in actions and thoughts.
— Tibetan

He who has shipped the devil,
must carry him over the water.
— English

He who plays with a sword, plays with the devil.
— Spanish

He who lives with a devil, becomes a devil.
— Yiddish

He who has once invited the devil
into his house, will never be rid of him.
— German

He that serves God for money,
will serve the devil for better wages.
— English

He needs a long spoon that would eat out
of the same dish with the devil.
— Danish

He must needs run, whom the devil drives.
— Scottish

He that has swallowed the devil may swallow his horns.
— Italian

He that is afraid of the devil does not grow rich.
— Italian

He that is embarked with the devil must sail with him.
— Dutch

He that preaches war is the devil's chaplain.
— English

He must be a clever host that would
take the devil into his hostelry.
— Danish

He that sups with the devil needs a long spoon.
— English

He that takes the devil into his boat, make the best of him.
— English

He that the devil drives, feels no lead at his heels.
— English