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Destiny (29)

Desire doesn't equal destiny.
— African (Malagasy)

Destiny and exertion must go together.
— Indian

Destiny spoils plans.
— Turkish

Even the stone upon which you stumble is a part of fate.
— Japanese

Even the swinging together of sleeves
is preordained by destiny.
— Japanese

Every day has its own fate.
— Slovenian

Fate leads the willing but drives the stubborn.
— English

Fate assists the courageous.
— Japanese

Fate is with heaven.
— Japanese

Fate assists the courageous.
— Japanese

Fate and self-help equally shape our destiny.
— Indian (Bihar)

Fate makes a man dismount quicker than counsel.
— African (Hausa)

He must stand high that would
see the end of his own destiny.
— Danish

If you really love something,
your fate is in its hands.
— Tanzanian

If one is fated to drown, he will drown
in a spoonful of water.
— Yiddish

It needs a light spirit to bear a heavy fate.
— Danish

Man can cure disease, but not fate.
— Chinese

Marriage and hanging go by destiny.
— English

No fate is worse than a life without love.
— Mexican

On the tip of the tongue lies the fate of the entire world.
— Yiddish

One man's fate is another man's lesson.
— African (Swahili)

Patience conquers destiny.
— Irish

Poverty is the common fate of scholars.
— Chinese

Resignation is fitting for destiny.
— Turkish

The fate of the lamb is that of its dam.
— Indian (Tamil)

The chief's son has to collect firewood
when destiny destroys him.
— Cameroonian

The fate of one's parents is returned to their children.
— Japanese

Victory or defeat is the destiny of the moment.
— Japanese

While a bush fowl is being roasted,
a chicken considers its own fate.
— African (Annang)