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Death (126-150)

The husband's death is the widow's sorrow.
— African (Yoruba)

The death that passed already, even if they
tell it to you today does not cause sorrow.
— Ghanaian

The death of one dog is the life of another dog.
— Manx

The young may die, the old must.
— Dutch

The day of birth leads to death.
— Indian (Tamil)

The end of all things is death.
— Dutch

The first breath is the beginning of death.
— English

The heir thanks nobody but the sudden death.
— African (Wolof)

The time of death is no time to take a breath.
— Russian

The ugliest life is better than the nicest death.
— Yiddish

The strong man's sport is the sickly man's death.
— German

There are endless ways to lead to death.
— Indian (Tamil)

There is no repentance after death.
— Russian

There are not as many deaths as there are sorrows.
— Russian

There is help for everything, except death.
— Danish

There is life and death in the quiver.
— African (Ovambo)

There is no doctor on the day of death.
— African (Fulani)

There is no wedding without laughter
and no death without tears.
— Rumanian

There is no worse curse than to desire a man's death.
— African (Efik)

There are only two things that are certain:
death and taxes.
— American

There is remedy for all things but death.
— English

Thousands drink themselves to death
before one dies of thirst.
— German

Time goes, death comes.
— Dutch

To obey is life; to disobey is death.
— Hawaiian

To the joyless man death is a blessing.
— African (Hausa)