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Children (051-075)

Children are what they are made.
— French

Children bring good fortune, children bring misfortune.
— Yiddish

Children are certain cares, uncertain comforts.
— English

Children and money make a nice world.
— Yiddish

Children should be seen and not heard.
— English

Children have a hair of their father.
— Flemish

Children will be children.
— American

Children who do their duty unprompted
are as a life-preserving remedy.
— Indian (Tamil)

Children when they are little make
parents fools, when great, mad.
— English

Children and chicken must be always picking.
— English

Children take after their parents.
— Maltese

Children and drunken men speak the truth.
— Danish

Children suck the mother when they are young,
and the father when they are old.
— English

Children and fools are prophets.
— French

Children are poor men's riches.
— English

Children pick up words as pigeons peas,
and utter them again as God shall please.
— English

Children learn from their parents.
— Japanese

Children have wide ears and long tongues.
— English

Children and fools have merry lives.
— English

Children do not understand the hearts of parents.
— Japanese

Children do not have as much affection
for parents as parents have for them.
— Japanese

Small children give you headache;
big children, heartache.
— Russian

Small children eat porridge,
big ones eat their parents' hearts.
— Czech

Small children, small worries;
older children, greater worries.
— Greek

Small children don't let you sleep;
big children don't let you rest.
— Yiddish