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Beauty (001-025)

The one who sees the beauty
doesn't see the difference.
— Ugandan

Beauty without chastity, a flower without fragrance.
— Indian (Tamil)

Beauty without virtue is like a rose without scent.
— Danish

Beauty suffers no pain.
— Irish

Beauty without bounty avails nought.
— English

Beauty and pride go to the grave.
— African (Swahili)

Beauty and ugliness are in the face.
— Indian (Tamil)

Beauty carries its dower in its face.
— Danish

Beauty is an empty calabash.
— African (Cameroon)

Beauty will fade, but not goodness.
— Filipino

Beauty does not ensnare men;
they ensnare themselves.
— Chinese

Beauty draws more than oxen.
— English

Beauty is a good letter of introduction.
— German

Beauty is a very fine thing, but you can't live on it.
— American

Beauty is but a blossom.
— English

Beauty is but dross if honesty be lost.
— Dutch

Beauty is but skin deep.
— English

Beauty is found only in one of a thousand.
— Indian

Beauty is no inheritance.
— English

Beauty is potent, but money is omnipotent.
— English

Beauty is soon blasted.
— English

Beauty displays perfection.
— Turkish

Beauty is the subject of a blemish.
— English

Beauty may have fair leaves, yet bitter fruit.
— English

Beauty of the chaste is a virtue,
that of a whore a quality.
— Russian