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Yiddish Proverbs (201-300)

He who puts up with insult invites injury.

It's astonishing how important
a man becomes when he dies.

The rich man doesn't pay, the debtor does.

A man cannot spin and reel at the same time.

Do good and ask not for whom.

If the father marries the aunt, he's an uncle.

One lie is a lie, two lies are lies, but three is politics!

Too humble is half proud.

A penny is sometimes better spent than spared.

Every seller praises his wares.

If we do not flatter ourselves, who will?.

Protest long enough that you
are right, and you will be wrong.

What a fool can spoil, ten wise men cannot repair.

A man's worst enemies can't wish
on him what he can think up himself.

God created a world full of little worlds.

If you want to give God a good laugh, tell Him your plans.

Talking comes by nature, silence by wisdom.

When a father gives to his son, they both laugh.

An unkept promise leads to a bad life.

He who comes for the inheritance
is often made to pay for the funeral.

Life is the biggest bargain -- we get it for nothing.

The rabbi drinks the wine and asks the others to be happy.

You can't put a "thank you" in your pocket.

Better a slap from a wise man than a kiss from a fool.

How you run your life, that's how your clock will run.

Money doesn't grow on trees.

The heart is half a prophet.

A cat loves fish, but won't risk its claws.

Dying while young is a boon in old age.

If you eat your all your bagels, you'll have
nothing in your pocket but the holes.

Pearls around the neck, stones upon the heart.

What use is wisdom when folly reigns?

A fool says what he knows, and a wise man knows what he says.

Friends are needed both for joy and for sorrow.

If my grandmother had balls, she'd be my grandfather.

Sometimes a penny is better spent than saved.

When you look to the heights, hold on to your hat.

Eggs may be smarter than the chickens,
but it doesn't take long for them to stink.

If one soldier knew what the other thinks,
there would be no war.

Perfection anywhere is very rare.

When you sweep the house, you find everything.

A bird is known by his feathers.

God sends burdens..and shoulders.

It is far easier to spot faults in another than virtues in oneself.

The luck of an ignoramus is this:
He doesn't know that he doesn't know.

You are ushered in according to your dress;
shown out according to your brains.

Ask about your neighbors, and then buy the house.

He that cannot ask cannot live.

Love me a little but long.

The soldiers fight, and the kings are heroes.

A heavy purse makes a light heart.

Don't settle in a place where the doctor has gout.

If a man is destined to drown, he will
drown even in a spoonful of water.

Out of desperation, one finds.

We have far greater compassion for another's misfortune
than our pleasure in another's good fortune.

A man cannot jump over his own shadow.

Fear is worse than the ordeal itself.

If you can't go over, it is best to go under.

Silence is the fence around wisdom.

When someone claims an inheritance,
he must pay for the funeral.

A big crowd, but not a human being in sight.

A penny is a lot of money--if you haven't got a penny.

Golden dishes will never turn black.

It is the kindness, and not the harshness, in the
headmaster’s voice that pushes tough boys to cry.

The whole world is full of demons;
you just exorcise them out of yourself.

Women can keep only one secret -- their own.

Before you start up a ladder, count the rungs.

He who talks a lot, talks about himself the most.

Lovers and thieves always look for darkness.

The innkeeper loves the drunkard, but not for a son-in-law.

A bad peace is better than a good war.

Charity covers a multitude of sins.

If you pray for another, you will be helped yourself.

Nothing is too difficult. You only need to know how.

Time and words can't be recalled,
even if it was only yesterday.

A fool shows his annoyance at once,
but a prudent man overlooks an insult.

Every poor man has a dry throat and wet boots.

If you put in, you can take out.

Rich man down and poor man up—
they are still not even.

When a son gives to his father, they both weep.

A man should go on living -- if only to satisfy his curiosity.

God loves the poor and helps the rich.

In life, each of us must sometimes play the fool.

The doctor has a remedy for everything but poverty.

When a poor man eats a chicken, one or the other is sick.

A farmer should not ride the king's horse.

Every question has an answer.

If you start thinking of death, you are no longer sure of life.

Seek advice, but use your own common sense.

Whomever looks for easy work goes to bed very tired.

All of us are crazy in one way or another.

He who runs away from the fire, falls in the water.

It's easier to be a critic than an author.

The wolf is not afraid of the dog, but he
doesn't like the sound of his barking.

Your pot broken seems better than my whole one.

Better an honest slap in the face than an insincere kiss.

Hell shared with a sage is better than paradise with a fool.

May God protect you from goyisha hands and yiddishe tongues.

Never try to be more foolish than the jester.

Too nice can cost a lot of money.