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Welsh Proverbs (108)

A misfortune is better than the fear of it.

Mischief will be silent.

Necessity will buy and sell.

Necessity is stronger than choice.

Virtue is the mother of all happiness.

Many a truth is best concealed.

All musicians are brothers.

Better a cottage for a home
than a palace to visit as a stranger.

The penny is well spent that saves the spending of two.

Practice is second nature.

One does not ring a bell for the deaf.

Patience is an ointment for every sore.

Old age will not come alone.

Desire will entice beyond the bounds of reason.

There is no diligence without a crown on its head.

The tongue speaks, the conduct shows.

An agreement will override custom.

Hedges have ears, and bushes have eyes.

Adversity and loss make a man wise.

Truth is death to the guilty.

Practice is better than a teacher.

Practice comes half way to meet every effort.

Truth shines in the dark.

What death takes it will not restore.

He who will not feed his cat, let him feed his mice.

An old custom will prevail.

The full sow knows not the squeak of the empty one.

Better inside a cottage than outside a castle.

Better death than long sickness.

The advice of the aged will not mislead you.

Adversity brings knowledge, and knowledge wisdom.

Anger is the mother of treachery.

He who would have his will let him cultivate patience.

The best wealth is health.

Truth is stronger than the mighty.

The best weapon is education.

The mill that will grind must have water.

A cat will not play after she is a year old.

The cat hates the dog that bites her.

Who complains without cause,
let a cause be made for him.

Conscience is the nest where all good is hatched.

Better education than wealth.

The best step, the first step.

Every dog will be lord on his own dunghill.

It is no play to play with fire.

Practice is the mother of perfection.

Fame will last longer than wealth.

Exertion will succeed.

A threat will not kill.

Teeth are useful to check the tongue.

Evil will not be concealed.

Like father, like offspring.

The fool will laugh when drowning.

It is easy to kindle fire on an old hearth.

In distress a friend is best.

Better a friend at court than gold on the finger.

Old proverbs are the children of truth.

A youth's promise is like froth.

The fright is greater than the wound.

He who is his own friend will
have the friendship of others.

Fair words will not sow the land.

The greater the haste, the greater the hindrance.

Wealth will not keep death away.

He who sows thorns should not walk barefooted.

Better two heads than one,
better one head than a hundred.

Hair by hair the head becomes bald.

Habit is stronger than resolution.

He who would be healthy, let him be cheerful.

It is not with an axe that the violin is played.

Repentance is apt to follow haste.

The quick hand belongs to the skilled.

Better the grave than a life of want.

Diligence usually prospers.

Every desire has wings.

A tongue is not necessary to declare love.

He who sows thistles will not reap wheat.

A lazy shepherd is the wolf's friend.

A refusal is better than a broken promise.

Silence is an admission.

Where pride leads shame follows.

The strength of the bee is its patience.

A step over the threshold is half the journey,

Birds of a color fly to the same place.

Memory will slip, a letter will keep.

Old age is a hundred disorders.

The liar and thief are brothers.

One sin draws a hundred after it.

If the tongue were to tell all the bosom knows,
none would be friends.

Love is stronger than a giant.

Love will overcome everything.

It is easy to reconcile when there is love.

The house of the happy is secure.

He who steals the egg will steal the hen.

The great thief will hang the petty thief.

There is no prison like a guilty conscience.

There is no idleness without a thousand troubles.

Idleness is the seed of all evil.

There is no wisdom like silence.

Wisdom will not prevent sin.

The best wisdom is ignorance of evil.


Better a patch than a hole.

The best scarcity is scarcity of words.

Fair words will not sow the land.

Hateful is a teacher without patience.

The will is a good horse.

Little by little the wedge goes into the timber.

A traitor will never make patriot.

Every dog will be lord on his own dunghill.