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Thai Proverbs (15)

Don't love wind more than water.

Kissing the baby touches the mother.

A needle with a small eye should be threaded slowly.

If a thorn sticks into the flesh,
a sharp thorn must be used to draw it out.

The female heart is as unstable as water rolling on a lotus leaf.

Diseases come by mountains and leave by driblets.

Keep the common road and you are safe.

Nourish no worms that eat timber.

When one goes to a town of squint-eyed people,
one must squint one's eyes.

Don't love the moon more than the sun.

If you don't hear the story clearly,
don't carry it off with you under your arm.

Don't meddle in assisting the elephant in carrying his tusks.

Don't love the louse more than the hair.

Don't strike at fish in front of the trap.

When you are among the swans, you become a swan.