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Slovenian Proverbs (43)

Grain by grain, a loaf; stone upon stone, a palace.

By the side of dry wood the green will also burn.

There is no good fortune which is
not shadowed by misfortune.

Rigorous justice is often injustice.

One false coin spoils ten good ones.

Everybody thinks that every bell
echoes his own thoughts.

The bargainer buys, not the praiser.

The loaf in another's hand is always bigger.

The victor feels no fatigue.

What you build easily will fall quickly.

Despair and hope are sisters.

Man's life is like a drop of dew on a leaf.

Who is forced to go to church will not pray.

The experienced man is a small prophet.

If you wish for the kernel you must break the shell.

An ant is over six feet tall when
measured by its own foot-rule.

When the house burns, its debts fly up the chimney.

The ripe apple falls of itself.

Sudden misfortune, double misfortune.

The more a plough is used the brighter it becomes.

The spider does not weave his web for one fly.

The sun shines nowhere as it shines at home.

Every song has its end.

Every road does not lead to Rome.

Strangers forgive, friends forget.

Time builds a castle and demolishes it.

Wares which cannot sell themselves need advertising.

The hardest walnut has the smallest kernel.

Women have long hair, but short brains and faith.

If God drenches you with His rain,
He will dry you with His sun.

Small presents keep friendship warm.

A sapling becomes an oak.

A small saint is big in a small church.

An open safe will tempt even a bishop.

Belief is simpler than investigation.

Every day has its own fate.

Pray to God for a good harvest, but continue to hoe!

Love is full of honey and gall.

If loans were of any use, even wives would be lent.

Habit is a shirt of iron.

You cannot handle honey without licking your fingers.

To a long illness the spade is the end.

Prosperity and beautiful women are the
most treacherous things in the world.