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Serbo-Croation Proverbs (101-144)

What matter what blossom it is if there is no fruit?

Tangled hair needs a wide comb.

Be on the watch when an old dog barks.

Where the dog drinks there he barks.

Where there are no dogs the wolves howl.

Where wolves are full, sheep are few.

If dogs had their way there would be no horses.

Do not measure the wolf’s tail till he be dead.

A smith has tongs to save his hands.

God's will is stronger than the emperor's.

Eyes can see everything except themselves.

The more the eggs, the thicker the soup.

The figs on the other side of the hedge are sweeter.

He who warms himself by the fire
must first put up with the smoke.

Big fish are caught in deep waters.

A good friend is worth more than a bad brother.

He who sits among rubbish must
not be surprised if pigs devour him.

God is no man's debtor.

Shake not the tree when the fruit is falling by itself.

The glory of ancestors should not prevent
a man winning glory for himself.

It is easy to take a wife, but hard to get rid of her.

Any water suits a thirsty horse.

Let him who fears the frost plant no vineyards.

God knows whose oil burns in the lamp.

God shuts one door to open a hundred.

When God will not help, all the saints cannot help.

Bargain like a gypsy and pay like a gentleman.

Even the devil knows what is right, but he will not do it.

Debt is a bad companion.

The wound heals, the scar remains.

Even singing requires some effort.

One does not feel twenty-five strokes
of a stick on a stranger's back.

Where water once has flowed it will flow again.

There is no wealth without
pouring out one purse into another.

Every gypsy praises his own horse.

One refuses to embrace the guest who comes too often.

Without health, no wealth.

Better the grave than slavery.

A guest will not know what fasting means.

It is easier to roll stones up
a mountain than to talk to a fool.

You may boast to strangers,
but tell the truth to your own people.

Let him who dreads the sparrows sow no oats.

A thorn pierces young skin more quickly than old.

People can keep only those secrets of which they know nothing.