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Oji Proverbs

Tshi, Tchwi, or Oji, are a group of people living in Ghana. The chief of these are the Ashanti, Fanti, Akim and Aquapem. Their common language is Tshi.

In the morning the mouth smells, but there are good words in it.

If you put two pieces of iron together in the fire, one will be burned.

When a way is long you shorten it with your feet, not with a hatchet.

When a bird is in a snare, its cry is peculiar.

If you make friends on the road, your knife will be lost.

He whom a serpent has bitten dreads a slow-worm.

As long as you have not got the tortoise,
you do not cut the string for him.

If sentence is passed on your neighbor,
another time it will be passed on you.

A poor man has no friend.

If you eat, eat a portion, but do not eat all.

He who fetches water breaks the pot.

What hunger desires is repletion.

There is nothing more so red as fire.

One tree receiving all the wind, breaks.

A canoe is paddled on both sides.

When the cat dies, the mice rejoice.

When the occasion comes, the proverb comes.

He whom a serpent has bitten dreads a slow-worm.

Long teeth and short teeth eat the same food.

If you are rich, always shut your door.

When a fowl eats your neighbor's corn,
drive it away; another time it will eat yours.

A fowl selects a single grain.

When gold comes near to you, it glistens.

The mice eat the miser's goods.

Reinforcement beats the foe.

Food, which you will not eat, you do not boil.

The tongue kills man and the tongue saves man.

If sentence is passed on your neighbor,
time it will be passed on you.

Nobody cooks food and places it in the road to seek a guest.

The crab's daughter does not bear a bird.

By going and coming a bird weaves its nest.

Poverty makes a free man become a slave.

The poor man's ivory is a hog's tooth.

A child may crush a snail, but it will not crush a tortoise.

When the mouth stumbles it is worse than the foot.

If there were only snails and tortoise,
no gun would ever be fired in the jungle.

Who travels alone tells lies.

Though you are hungry, you do not eat with both hands.

Nobody will buy the footprints of a bullock.

Though your coat is dirty, you do not burn it.

A forest that has sheltered you, you will not call a shrubbery.

As the sword is, so is the scabbard.