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Italian Proverbs (501-548)

Words are female, deeds are male.

God save me from one who does not drink.

God save me from him who studies but one book.

God save you from a bad neighbor,
and from a beginner on the fiddle.

A little gall makes a great deal of honey bitter.

When fortune comes, open your doors.

It is a bad game where nobody wins.

Rather have a little something for your
friend than a great something for your enemy.

An ass's trot does not last long.

A tree often transplanted is never loaded with fruit.

Speak well of your friends; of your enemy neither well nor ill.

When the fox preaches, take care of yourselves, hens.

Everybody's friend, nobody's friend.

He that seeks to have many friends never has any.

There is no worse fruit than that which never ripens.

Never heed the color of a gift horse.

At the end of the game we see who wins.

Though the fox runs, the pullets have wings.

Who goes softly goes safely, and he that goes safely goes far.

The more the fox is cursed, the more prey he catches.

One cannot drink and whistle at the same time.

Muddy water won't do for a mirror.

A friend is not known till he is lost.

Love your friend with his faults.

The end praises the work.

Our last garment is made without pockets.

He who has a straw tail is always in fear of its catching fire.

A short tail won’t keep the flies away.

The tail is always the hardest part to flay.

Take care you don’t let your tail be caught in the door.

Every hill has its valley.

One bell serves a whole parish.

Every time we laugh a nail is removed from our coffin.

Dogs bark at those they don’t know.

The dog that has been beaten with a stick is afraid of its shadow.

A scalded dog thinks cold water hot.

It is easy robbing when the dog is quieted.

Do not give the dog bread every time he wags his tail.

The dog that means to bite doesn’t bark.

A dog is never offended at being pelted with bones.

Where there are no dogs the fox is a king.

An old dog does not grow used to the collar.

There is no dog, be he ever so wicked, but wags his tail.

The dog that bites does not bark in vain.

A kitchen dog never was good for the chase.

The gardener’s dog does not eat
lettuce and will not let others eat it.

It is better to irritate a dog than an old woman.

An ass’s tail will not make a sieve.