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Iranian Pashto (29)

Where there is no wind, bushes don't shake.

When the heart is in love,
beauty is of no account.

The spectator is a great hero.

Pinch yourself to find out how much it hurts others.

The career of falsehood is short.

Every rose has a thorn as its friend.

A woman without a veil is like food without salt.

There is no tree which has
not felt the force of the wind.

The sleep of kings is on an anthill.

See the mother, comprehend the daughter.

An old friend is like a saddled horse.

Give a little and you gain a lot.

When the knife is over a man's
head, he remembers God.

A woman is well either in the house or in the grave.

A very little water is a sea to an ant.

The rose from rose is born, the thorn from thorn.

Either a strong man or a fool tells the truth.

There is always a calf behind a cow,
sometimes her own, sometimes another's.

The way of the wheat is through the mill.

God will remain, friends will not.

The horse can stand the horse's kick.

One can't get currants without stalks.

A wise man stumbles once over a peg.

If there is food in the house, a guest is no worry.

Every plate that is made breaks.

Stretch your feet only as far as your covering goes.

Put not your trust in a sword, woman, mare, or water.

The road is open for the moneyed man.

The jungle will not be without a tiger.