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Greek Proverbs (001-100)

Dance alone and you can jump all you wish.

A crow does not lay dove's eggs.

One cuckoo doesn't make the spring.

One mouse eats the clothes and all the mice get into trouble.

From a crow's beak comes a crow's voice.

A curse spoken is like a donkey; it always follows its master.

Heed not all the words of the doctor nor yet of the confessor.

When the devil grows poor he becomes a tax collector.

When the devil grows old he becomes a monk.

The purse of the dead man is turned inside out.

Truth reigns.

All evil deeds are repaid on earth.

Great dangers lead to great honors.

He who doesn't want to make bread sifts the flour the whole day.

Careless merchant, future beggar.

He who respects his parents never dies.

Outwardly, a doll; within, the plague.

A white dog is like a black dog.

Violent rages are soon over.

Everyone is his own doctor.

The dog survives the winter but only his skin knows how.

A starving donkey does not count the blows.

A pitcher is taken to the fountain many
times, but one time it is not.

Some plant and harvest and others eat
and give blessings.

The dog does not eat hay, but he doesn't
let the donkey eat it either.

The duck knows where the lake is.

With patience all is done.

Until the crickets sing it is not summer.

Better today's egg than tomorrow's chicken.

A thousand blows on another man's back don't hurt.

Don't be afraid of a dog that barks.

Donkey tied, master tranquil.

A bad dog gets the mange but he doesn't die of it.

A good bird begins chirping while in the egg.

All evils save death may be amended.

Hostile and envious are the eyes of neighbors.

Poverty brings nagging.

Rank does not make the man.

Receive an old man's counsel and
a learned man's knowledge.

Cherish what you have and struggle for better.

Fear of the law gives safety.

If advice will not improve him, neither will the rod.

Where there is fear, there is shame.

Excess mars perfection.

Without a general an army is lost.

An empty belly knows no songs.

The eyes of the hare are not
the same as the eyes of the owl.

In the far off field the cabbages are fine.

An old enemy never becomes a friend.

You can tell a bird by its song and
a man by his manner of speaking.

Old age and poverty are wounds that can't be healed.

Whatever the priest tells you to do, do it;
what you see him do, do not.

Wealth bequeathed to the children might
never reach the grandchildren.

If envy were a rash the whole village would be ill.

The eye sees; the hand performs.

A priest does not accept another priest
nor a deacon another deacon.

He who has a beard has a comb.

One lights the fire, the other fans it.

From fools and children you will learn the truth.

Fire straightens a crooked bar.

The fool and the clown grow old worrying over others.

The first mistake is a lesson and
teacher for those that follow.

Don't trouble a quiet snake.

The pear falls from the pear tree.

A fool throws a stone into the well and a
thousand wise men cannot take it out.

Citizens' sins are a city's disgrace.

He who was born in a prison remembers a prison.

Advising a fool is like striking cold iron.

Fire and straw do not go together.

Many captains sink the ship.

The fool rejoices over his memories.

Ill-gotten gain is scattered by the devil.

Friendship lasts as long as the pot boils.

The shepherd smells of sheep even
when he becomes a nobleman.

Small children, small worries; older children, greater worries.

The fruit of a good tree is also good.

If you touch a hot coal you burn yourself;
a cold one, you blacken yourself.

God delays, but never forgets.

Gain does not give as much pleasure as loss gives grief.

Some like the priest and some like the priest's wife.

Presence does more than the written word.

A newlywed girl takes pride in her pregnancy.

When the fox is hungry he pretends to be asleep.

When the fox is hungry he feigns sickness.

When the fox grows old it becomes a nun.

A beautiful girl's cheeks are the foes of her chastity.

Better five coins in hand than ten in prospect.

A friend is better than a thousand silver pieces.

God gave us teeth to hold back our tongue.

What the fox can't reach he leaves hanging.

An old fox is not caught in a trap.

From the lips starts the word and reaches thousands.

God pursues sinners.

Eat and drink with your relatives;
do business with strangers.

The miser's riches fall into the spendthrift's hands.

Better brains in the head than riches and confusion.

If you haven't spanked a little bottom,
don't threaten a big one.

The later comer gets the bones.

Point out your friend to me and
I will tell you what you are.

Where words fail beating succeeds.