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German Proverbs (601-700)

Revenge is new wrong.

Practice makes the master.

Where friends, there riches.

Though you seat the frog on a golden stool,
he'll soon jump off again into the pool.

The poor must dance as the rich pipe.

Promising is one thing, performing another.

Presents keep friendship warm.

Promises don't fill the belly.

He who cannot pay with his
purse must pay with his hide.

Promises make debts.

Priests bless themselves first.

Repentance is the heart's medicine.

We give to the rich, and take from the poor.

Priests and women never forget.

He who has the fortune brings home the bride.

What God joins together, let no man put asunder.

Priests should not prate out of the confessional.

As princes fiddle, subjects must dance.

Small profits and often are better
than large profits and seldom.

Never seemed a prison fair, or a bride ugly.

Every one is emperor on his own ground.

Priests also smile pleasantly on your women.

He that sits among reeds, cuts pipes as he pleases.

When one is rich, one begins to save.

Riches cause arrogance; poverty, meekness.

Who rides slowly must saddle betimes.

Young gambler, old beggar.

Right is with the strongest.

More belongs to riding than a pair of boots.

Reason does not come before years.

Who received, should thank;
who gave, should be silent.

Revenge remains not unrevenged.

He who has a glass roof must not throw stones at others.

To spend much and gain little is the sure road to ruin.

The road to ruin is paved with good intentions.

Scratching and borrowing do well enough, but not for long.

Never speak of a rope in the house of one who was hanged.

Late fruit keeps well.

When the fox wants to catch geese, he wags his tail.

A sack full of fleas is easier to watch than a woman.

Self-praise stinks.

Roses and maidens soon lose their bloom.

When the root is worthless, so is the tree.

Saving is greater art than gaining.

The best of the mill is that the sacks can't speak.

Everybody says it, nobody knows it.

Salt and bread make the cheeks red.

Self-praise stinks.

Who is well seated should not budge.

Rich people are everywhere at home.

When the pear is ripe, it falls.

Funeral sermon, lying sermon.

Security is nowhere safe.

Small saints work miracles too.

Funeral sermon, lying sermon.

Many sacks are the death of the ass.

Security is the first cause of misfortune.

Who says little has little to answer for.

Who is silent, agrees.

Who avoids small sins does not fall into great ones.

No one knows better where
the shoe pinches than he who wears it.

When fortune knocks, open the door.

It is a poor fox that has but one hole.

Who cannot sing may whistle.

Do not load everything into one ship.

One hour's sleep before midnight
is better than two after it.

What is no sin is no shame.

He who shoots often hits at last.

Shoemaker, stick to your last.

If the servant grows rich and the master poor,
they are both good for nothing.

Silk and velvet put out the kitchen fire.

Be silent, or say something better than silence.

The strong man's sport is the sickly man's death.

He who gives quickly gives doubly.

No one betrays himself by silence.

When shepherds quarrel, the wolf has a winning game.

Services unrequired go unrequited.

Even counted sheep are eaten by the wolf.

Silence and reflection cause no dejection.

Great men's servants don't think little of themselves.

Speaking is silver, silence is gold.

Speaking comes by nature, silence by understanding.

Between the hand and the lip the soup may be spilled.

Something is better than nothing.

God is everywhere, except where he has his delegate.

Tell a lie, and you'll hear the truth.

He who does not go forward, stays behind.

Better something than nothing at all.

He is a bad smith who cannot bear smoke.

Speak little, speak truth; spend little, pay cash.

Time, wind, women, and fortune are changing every moment.

Time covers and discovers everything.

Time is anger's medicine.

Time brings everything to those who can wait for it.

One today is better than ten tomorrows.

No one can guard against treachery.

Time betrays and hangs the thief.

Truth ill timed is as bad as a lie.

A bad turn brings about another.

Between wrangling and disputing truth is lost.