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German Proverbs (101-200)

Anger without power is folly.

Advice is not compulsion.

The fewer the words, the better the prayer.

Poor people's words go many to a sackful.

Bad money always comes back.

Today for money, tomorrow for nothing.

Fair words don't fatten the cabbage.

Words are good, when works follow.

Words often do more than blows.

Wait is a hard word to the hungry.

Build golden bridges for the flying foe.

To blame is easy, to do it better is difficult.

The husband's mother is the wife's devil.

Better a lean agreement than a fat lawsuit.

It is too much to expect of a cat that
she should sit by the milk and not lap it.

One beats the bush, and another catches the bird.

He that peeps into every bush will hardly get into the woods.

Who is ready to believe, is easy to deceive.

Who bows to might loses his right.

Don't buy a cat in a bag.

If the bitch were not in such haste,
she would not litter blind puppies.

Too much will soon break.

The fuller the cask, the duller its sound.

He who brings is welcome.

Advising is easier than helping.

Advising is often better than fighting.

Assertion is no proof.

Who steals a calf, steals a cow.

When the calf is stolen, the peasant mends the stall.

Buyers want a hundred eyes, sellers only one.

No one likes to bell the cat.

A pack of cards is the devil's prayer book.

A monk in his cloister,
a fish in the water,
a thief on the gallows.

Money in the purse dispels melancholy.

Many shun the brook, and fall into the river.

The cats that drive away mice are as
good as those that catch them.

Those brooms can be sold cheapest which are stolen ready made.

Never give advice unasked.

The drunken mouth reveals the heart's secrets.

Care brings on grey hairs and age without years.

Not all cannonballs hit.

He that climbs high, falls heavily.

New churches and new taverns are seldom empty.

Cheating is more honorable than stealing.

Who comes first, grinds first.

Monks, mice, rats, and vermin
seldom leave without harming.

Merchant today, beggar tomorrow.

Ragged colts make the handsomest stallions.

Big churches, little saints.

An ounce of motherwit is worth a pound of schoolwit.

The beggar's bag is bottomless.

Cheese and bread make the cheeks red.

Cheese is gold in the morning,
silver at noon, and lead at night.

The cock is a lord on his own dunghill.

The cock is king on his own dunghill.

The chamois climbs high and yet is caught.

Every mother's child is handsome.

Cheerful company shortens the miles.

If you have money, take a seat;
if you have none, take to your feet.

Where might is master, justice is servant.

All are not free who mock their chains.

The anvil is used to noise.

Apes remain apes, though you cloth them in velvet.

It is better the child should cry than the father.

The concealer is as bad as the thief.

Make yourself an ass, and every
one will lay his sack on you.

A good conscience is a soft pillow.

Confidence begets confidence.

Our neighbor's children are always the worst.

Who comes unbidden departs unthanked.

Would you be strong, conquer yourself.

As the old birds sing, the young ones twitter.

Where money talks, arguments are of no avail.

He who is quick at borrowing, is slow in paying.

Whose bread I eat, his song I sing.

He who has not tasted bitter, knows not what sweet is.

In old houses many mice, in old furs many lice.

Everybody thinks his own cuckoo
sings better than another's nightingale.

The cow licks no strange calf.

Daughters are easy to rear, but hard to marry.

Good counsel never comes too late.

Everybody knows good counsel except him that has need of it.

Daughter-in-law hates mother-in-law.

Good counsel comes overnight.

Credit is better than ready money.

He who follows the crowd has many companions.

Woman's beauty, the forest echo, and rainbows soon pass away.

Birds of prey do not sing.

Everybody thinks of his copper as gold.

It is mind that ennobles, not the blood.

A millstone gathers no moss.

Cunning surpasses strength.

Who the daughter would win, with the mother must begin.

Old crows are hard to catch.

Be not ashamed of your craft.

The bites of priests and wolves are hard to heal.

A lovelorn cook oversalts the porridge.

Many want to counsel others without
themselves knowing right from left.

Beauty is a good letter of introduction.

A closed mouth and open eyes
never did anyone harm.